08.08.18 | Behind the Design

Behind the Design : August Edition


Project Breakdown

Inspired by her client’s desire to lighten up their home with a clean and modern feel, Brown’s designer Jody Petiya recently finished this soft contemporary style home in Boca Raton. Her clients love to entertain, which motivated their need for an open and comfortable setting. Through the use of a monochromatic color scheme and elegant contrast of the darker woods, Jody was able to create a comfortable and timeless home for her clients!


Jody Petiya

Studying interior design would prove to be an all-encompassing decision for Jody Petiya. While attending college, she was surrounded by students in all areas of design and construction, laying the foundation for her ability to work with architects, landscape architects, and general contractors early on. Through a thoughtful process of exploration and inspiration, Jody is able to evaluate the aspects of her clients’ lifestyles and wish lists, providing them with interiors that balance comfort and personal style.


Jessica Charles Swivel Chair

This chair is the perfect addition to any room! It’s modern shape and texture creates a contemporary feel and evokes a feeling of calmness and simplicity.


Creating a Home to Call Their Own

“I enjoyed working with the clients who had a good idea of the look they were trying to achieve but trusted me enough to be adventurous with some of the “special” selections which give the home a comfortable feel and reflect their personality.”
-Jody Petiya, Project Designer