11.27.18 | Behind the Design

Behind the Design: November Edition


Project Breakdown

Holly Fortunato, Designer at Brown, recently finished a complete overhall of a Boca Raton home. The clients were looking for something that felt warm and cozy, yet unique and energetic at the same time. Holly began by tackling electrical, flooring, cabinetry, plumbing, painting, window treatments, ceiling and drywall details, and finished with furniture and accessories. In the end, the design delivered the exact feelings the client was looking to evoke.


Holly Fortunato

With a penchant for beautiful fabrics, balanced proportions, and comfortable, yet luxurious touches, Holly has been an interior designer at Brown’s for 30 years, creating interiors filled with warmth and reasons to linger. 

With off-limit areas of a house becoming a thing of the past, she works to ensure that her clients can truly live in every inch of their homes, including their outdoor spaces. Drawing inspiration from her clients’ lifestyles, interests and any supporting elements — from the ocean in their backyard to a memory of a favorite destination — Holly begins to build a comfortable environment, considering the architecture, scale, lighting, texture and function of a space. But perhaps one of her most favorite parts of a project is reallocating those functions — rethinking and reshaping areas to be something different from what they once were. Whether she is designing a small apartment on the water or a large estate on 10 acre s of land, she welcomes challenges that allow her to think outside of the box. 

Thanks to her seemingly easy ability to create spaces that are all at once bold and effortless, Holly has garnered an extensive roster of clients thanks to her attention to detail and ability to create spaces that are traditional, contemporary or transitional and perhaps most importantly, a perfect representation of her clients.


Ando Coffee Table

For the Family Room, Holly chose to incorporate the beautiful refined ‘Ando Coffee Table’ by Taracea. She chose the ‘White Milpa’ finish to achieve a cozy vibe while still keepings things light. You can see the table in the header image above.


Inspiration from Around the World

“My clients had an extensive art collection they had acquired throughout their travels around the world. The pieces were all made of glass and had a colorful energy about them. I chose to display these in a unique way by creating individual cutouts along the entryway wall for each piece of art. The cutouts also feature overhead lights which creates a stunning ambiance in the evening.”
-Holly Fortunado, Project Designer
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