11.22.19 | Design

2020’s Highly Anticipated Design Trends

Your living room should be the first place to enjoy the latest trending home interior design ideas, but how do you make your favorite trend fit into the rest of your home with ease?

The most influential home interior design trends of 2020 promise to allow mellow warmth into our homes. This includes and is certainly not limited to: bold shades of terra cotta, beautiful splashes of burnt orange, ochre and buttery tan, breathtaking tactile textures such as bouclé, and of course, furniture and accessories that echo nature and other organic forms.

Trends are a wonderful source of inspiration, but there is no need to feel pressured to incorporate them in their entirety. Here at Interiors by Brown, we help you assess different aspects that you can utilize to elevate your home interior design, such as color, texture or pattern, and use them in subtle ways to create a look that’s still remains personal and livable for you.


Take a deep breath and prepare yourself

From the initial worries regarding how much work is anticipated, to deciding upon whether or not you picked the right shades and colors, all the way to simply enjoying the room you have created, we all go through a series of emotional stages when in the midst of revamping and refurbishing a room. 

Planning ahead is vital, especially ensuring that you allow a couple of weeks for your ideas to crystallize. Luckily, with the strong organic vibe that 2020 design trends offer – simple and natural forms offer a beautiful blend of a luxurious and retro look – that is easy to interpret.


Don’t forget texture

Some living rooms can appear to be flat and uninviting. This is where texture becomes essential, and 2020 sees a strong focus on bouclé (yarn with a looped or curly ply.) It has become a staple texture to create a warm and inviting home. Looped yarns with subtle shades create a raised quality that creates a sophisticated and cozy feel.


Keep natural light in mind

Take some time to pay attention to how light falls in various points across the room and how the sun dances around it. This not only affects how colors can be interpreted, but it also aids in the decision process of how to divide the space for various activities.


Reveal your color code

Conceiving a brand new color scheme can be exhausting, but color wheels and swatches can ease some potential stress by showing you how a multitude of shades can complement and enhance one another.

To keep it simple, it’s good to narrow down your choice to three options: your main hue (which can be reflected in your upholstery; a contrast; and a highlight.)

Little fun fact: baby blue, muted pink and neo-mint green have been tipped as on-trend accents for 2020.

As a tip from our professional interior designers; if you become stuck in your home interior design process, keep an eye out for art, ornaments and fabrics with a color combination that attracts your eye and use that as inspiration.

Once you have some color ideas in order, try out tester pots on your walls to see how your new tones would work in tandem. 


Keep Accents in Focus

Walnut trims, dark ebony and steely grey furniture accents will bring a defined edge to home interior design in 2020, so you may have to keep tabs on what to keep and what to let go.

Accents can enhance a room, but they can also just as easily create clutter. It’s a good idea to box everything up – throws, cushions, vases, planters and light fittings – and remove them from the room to sift and sort through, choosing only items that will enhance your new look. The remainder can always be stored for future use or donated to charity.


Create a sociable space

If space allows, it’s great to incorporate two sofas to make a living room feel sociable and open and friendly, and 2020’s luxurious, richly textured fabrics – leather, velvet and suede – provide endless possibilities. If you’re mixing two different styles or sizes, consider scale – how will the sofas complement each other and sit in the room overall? Always keep in mind depth, width and height.

For a cozy and welcoming environment set in a larger room, it’s important to consider zoning. What some people may not realize is that it’s better to place sofas close enough together, rather than having them too spaced out or floating around the edges of a room. When sofas are closer together, they create an area that’s notably designed for gathering round, rather than for isolating space.

When dealing with home interior design in a smaller room, remember to measure, measure and measure again! Look for a compact design. It’s easier to create a contemporary and open feel in a smaller space than one would believe. 

Another helpful way to create a sociable atmosphere in a limited area is to pair one sofa with a chair and a footstool that can double as a coffee table or additional seat. This offers flexibility and functionality without compromising floor space.


While these anticipated design trend tips for 2020 may seem like a lot to digest, or they seem like too much work – we encourage you to visit and get to know our qualified, creative and hard working team of interior designers at Interiors by Brown. Located on Federal HWY in East Boca Raton, Florida. Brown is the premier location for personalized home interior design. We are here to help you transform and expand your space into your own, custom, upscale, dream home interior design. Once we are able to match you with your ideal home interior designer, executing these highly anticipated design trends for the New Year will be closer to not only obtain, but also understand. Our Interior Designers at Brown take time to personalize and perfect your space to the degree of collaboration you prefer, and will showcase our carefully selected options from our wide range of samples and designers. Stop by our showroom in the heart of Boca Raton, and see us today!