08.20.16 | Design

Add A Little Metal To Make Your White Room Shine

Metal finishes add depth and interest to white spaces. Which ones will create the mood and character you’re after?

Selecting metal finishes may seem like a very small part of your design plan, but they can add loads of character to your room. This is especially true when it comes to white rooms, because it can be hard to create a mood in a space that doesn’t have a chromatic wall color. In white spaces, details and finishes are extremely important, because those small elements help to create the overall look, feel and style of a room.

Just as there are many types of white paint colors, there is also a variety of metals to consider. If you haven’t paid much attention to metals before, or if you’ve just shrugged them off as being insignificant, here are some great examples of why they are an integral part of a room’s decor.