07.25.19 | Home Interior Design

Currently Trending in Home Interior Design

One of the greatest challenges when it comes to home interior design is navigating trends. It’s about more than just knowing what the latest styles are. That would merely be keeping up.

The key is being able to not only identify trends, but also knowing which ones will have sustainability and hold up for an extended period of time. Most homeowners would rather not have to redesign their homes every two years.

To avoid this hassle and expense, you must have experience and understand how trend cycles work and be able to accurately identify which will have shelf lives. Established and effective home interior designers are also able to predict upcoming trends so they can stay ahead of the curve and also help ensure that design elements they are incorporating will be able to pair with future styles. Again, this helps avoid the frequent need for large-scale redesign efforts.

Although managing trend models can be complicated, identifying current trends is a bit more simple. Here are four current trends that, if incorporated properly, can add style and sophistication to your home.


Black is the new…well, black.

Yes, black is back when it comes to powerful and dynamic home interior design, and the color is being utilized in a variety of ways. And it seems no matter how it is used, it works.

The design element offerings for a color are seemingly limitless, and that is certainly the case for black as well.

One of the more powerful ways in which black is being used is as a wall color. While some designs feature a black accent wall, others are taking it to another level and painting all of a room or space’s walls black.

You’re not alone if the thought or vision of this approach seems overwhelming or a bit too dramatic. However, if done right, it can be spectacular.

There are obviously several things to consider here, especially if you’re painting all wall black as opposed to merely an accent wall. The larger the room the better, as black, like other dark colors, can cause a feeling of confinement.

You also want to be sure that if you do paint the walls black, you want to add a great amount of contrast in the room, which means using lighter colors. This can apply to flooring, window treatments, furniture pieces, accessories, etc.

Doing this not only helps keep the room from feeling confined — or smaller — but can actually make the room appear and feel larger.  

There are other ways in which black is being used in today’s home interior design world other than wall color. Light fixtures, furniture, art and area rugs are other popular applications. 


Less is more no more…more or less

For a while, being minimalist was the thing to do. While there is still something to be said for that design trend, the exact opposite is rapidly becoming en vogue as well.

The clean, streamlined simplicity of minimalism is now making room for the eccentric contrasts and patterns of maximalism. While introducing multiple patterns and color schemes, along with furniture and other pieces that are not uniform or otherwise “matching,” is often looked at as gaudy, when done skillfully and tastefully it presents as classic and unique.

As stylish as this trend can be, we would be providing a great disservice if we did not stress the importance of doing it right, because there is a very thin line between gorgeous and gaudy. In fact, walking that line can be challenging for even experienced designers.

The point, though, is this pairing various color palettes, textures, finishes, furniture styles, etc. is very much a thriving trend, but be careful not to be too excessive. You may be able to safely mix two or three such contrasting elements, but going beyond that can quickly, easily and catastrophically turn your design upside down.

So, the takeaway? More is less, but less is more. Nothing complicated about that, right?


Home is where the hearth is

For many parts of the country, having a fireplace in the home is not unique. In fact, in these regions, not having one would probably cause a meltdown. 

However, fireplaces are become quite the hot trend just about everywhere. Want proof? Our home interior design firm is based in Boca Raton — the heart of South Florida…true home of the endless summer — and we are being inundated with requests for fireplaces. While we get to see it first hand on a near daily basis, we are well aware that this trend is nationwide…and spreading like wildfire!

So, while adding fireplaces to homes in parts of the country that don’t typically feature fireplaces is in itself a trend, the bigger story is what the modern-day fireplace looks like. While they still must function properly in order to serve their intended purpose, a premium is now being placed on appearance. In other words, fireplaces are being viewed as design elements more so than ever before and, as a result, are being constructed and installed with stylish and contemporary designs that add to the home interior design or space’s aesthetic appeal.

Oh, so natural

Perhaps it’s a result of the more environmentally-friendly in which we now live, or maybe we just like the serene feelings we experience when surrounded by nature. Maybe it’s a combination of both…or neither.

We may not know what initiated it, but there is no denying that bringing elements from outside into the home is a very real — and extremely popular — style trend in home interior design.

Natural woods and stones, including granite and marble, are beautiful ways to enhance your home interior design look and feel. They are also extremely sturdy and resilient, which helps enhance not only your home’s value, but also its functionality and value.

Adding plants and other greenery is another great way to not only include a natural presence in the home. Using natural colors from the earth-tone pallet is also popular, and these colors tend to pair well with nearly any secondary colors, which provides both tremendous versatility and timelessness in your home interior design.