09.27.19 | Home Interior Design

Designing an Impressive and Functional Entryway

Designing an Impressive and Functional Entryway

There are many functional rooms and spaces in a home that collaboratively reflect the same home interior design theme throughout your entire space. When thinking home interior design in your home – the first rooms that will seem of primary significance are living rooms, kitchens, bedrooms and bathrooms. Even though these might seem like the most important, however there are other rooms, nooks, areas and spaces in your home that should not be neglected and hold an equal importance to creating a synergy in your space. Some of these spaces might include the laundry room, the walk-in closets, pantries and the entryway.

The entryway is more significant to your home interior design that you may initially think. Most people will only ever get a glance of your beautiful home through a partially ajar front door, such as neighbors. First impressions of your home usually take place in the entryway, making  it an important space to incorporate into your home interior design. Entryways are also a space that are easily and quickly cluttered, as they are the first space to collapse your belongings, shoes and items after schlepping them inside from the day. Depending on which climate you reside in, the entryway may have to accommodate bulky items such as jackets, umbrella’s boots and ‘quick grab’ items such as leashes, keys and glasses. 

Lighting is key

Entryways should be light and welcoming in design. Depending on the amount of windows in your entryway, this can be achieved with a combination of design elements. If your entryway does not have a window or a door with a glass accent, it can be lightened with the help of mirrors to reflect light from other connecting rooms. In addition, walls and furniture pieces should be light in color. If your entryway has plenty of light and windows, there is more freedom to make darker color and design choices. In either case, be sure to inlcude bright, friendly lighting fixtures to welcome you on dark nights, or for when you are searching for where you left  those car keys again. 

A place for each item

In addition to creating an entryway that extends as a beautiful and well thought out design element in your home interior design, functionality is key. Shoes, coats, keys, purses, umbrellas… all the items custom to your lifestyle that need an easily accessible place in your entryway should do so without disrupting your home interior design. Scattered shoes in specific can make a disorganized impression and distract from any design elements. Therefore, before choosing furniture for your entryway, evaluate which items need a place in your entryway. For example, if you live in a cold climate and need a quick and easy access to coats, consider including a tall armoire or spacious coat rack. If you have a large family and kids, consider a spacious shoe rack or console table with storage for shoes. 

Offer Seating 

Running out of the door is not always a quick task. It often involves multiple steps, gathering multiple items and if you have kids – double the steps and items. Unless you live in a climate where slipping on sandals is your routine, a place to sit next to the doorway is ideal for putting on boots, heals, sneakers and other shoes. Alternatively, it adds a comfortable element into your entryway space, which can be further enhanced by beautiful throw pillows. Many custom entryway seating benches include storage underneath, which can offer double the functionality in one furniture piece. 

Consider your guests

If you frequently entertain at your home, consider including a dedicated space for your guests to leave their items in your home. Guests will feel welcomed immediately, and additional items won’t clutter up your space when you are entertaining. This is especially useful when welcoming friends of kids often. 

Small space, big statement

If your entryway is small in size, consider slender items that will not bulk up your space and get in the way. When there is little floor space and square footage available in your entryway – consider designing the often neglected and forgotten spaces of the room – such as the ceiling. A statement light fixture can reduce the amount of design elements necessary in the actual room. An alternative to a light fixture is a statement ceiling. Consider painting it in an accent color that reflects in another space of your home, or a modern wallpaper that will draw attention to itself. Utilize all your space and do so strategically to create the entryway of your home interior design dreams. 

Consider your pets

If you have a four legged family member, consider including additional storage space for their items. Leashes, treats and plastic bags are often unsightly in the open and are better off hung from a wall multi-hook, or stored away in a drawer, basket or other storage container. Lastly, consider a durable rug or mat inside of the house in addition to a welcome mat, in order to reduce the amount of dirt and debris pets, kids and guests may carry into your home. 

All in all, these are great starting points to start ideating the entryway of your home interior design dreams. With these starting points, considerations and ideas at your disposal, crafting this space custom to your needs and goals should be simple. Consider carrying certain elements, textures, materials and colors palettes throughout your entire home and design in order to create a synergy. Nevertheless, should you still be unsure or insecure about where to start and executing a project like this – consider contacting Interiors by Brown. With a state of the art showroom in East Boca Raton, and nationwide design services, our talented designers can help you craft the perfect space for your home. Your home is a long-term investment into your daily inspiration, well-being, functionality and comfort. Transforming your home can truly transform your life and lifestyle in many ways.