01.24.20 | Home Interior Design

8 Simple Tricks to Elevate Your Space

Has something about your home or general home interior design bothered you persistently? There are many little tips, tricks and changes you can easily execute with the help of a designer, that can have a tremendous impact on your home interior design. When most people think home interior design – they usually consider furniture, cabinets, flooring and walls, however there are many more little details to consider when in the process of elevating your home with a cohesive style, feel and design. The following 

Light and light fixtures

Light fixtures have an immense impact on the design and feel of your home as well as our mood and energy levels. A lack of lighting or lighting that is too dim or bright can have severe effects on your overall health and brain. Therefore, choosing the correct light fixtures that not only harmonize with your home interior design, but are also placed in the correct spaces in your home is more important than you may think. Furthermore, the right light fixture can pull your style together and add timeless elegance to your space.


If you are looking to create a space with an elegant and elevated home interior design, your paint and wall covering choices are extremely significant. It is important that your walls and interior design elements such as decor and furniture are cohesive and elevate each other. To maintain an impeccable and flawless look, be sure to use high quality paint or wall paper while considering the overall design elements in your home when choosing a color. 

Comfort first 

The secret to styling a home in a way that is cozy and comfortable, is to enhance your home interior design with plenty of pillows. Adding pillows to your living room, family room, bedrooms and even the kitchen can make for a more inviting space and offer the necessary comfort for long and blissful hours in your home. In addition, pillows offer an additional layer of texture and color – which can be used to insert lively colors and patterns and elevate your home interior design. When choosing the right pillow for your style and home, the simple motto is – go big or go home – the larger the pillow the better. Pillows 22 inches and larger in size are ideal and high quality inserts and stuffing are the way to go. 

Window treatments

Window treatments are essential when it comes styling a home, protecting your furniture and altering natural lighting to your needs. Unnecessary lighting can be unnecessarily distracting and uncomfortable during certain times of the day. Window coverings such as curtains and blinds are not just great to block out unnecessary light, an additional benefit of window treatments is that they protect your privacy and security. Furthermore, window treatments can reflect your home interior design style and accentuate your home. Whether solid color or a lively pattern, there are many wall coverings to choose from. 

Wood Flooring

Wood floors can add a high-end and elegant touch to any home. Whether real wood or faux, even faux wood flooring such as laminate can make an impact on the interior design of your home, and enhance existing design elements such as furniture. If you are looking to invest in a quality upgrade for your home, consider real hardwood flooring. 


Even the most beautiful home interior design can be rapidly compromised by unnecessary clutter in your home. One of the simplest ways to enhance your interior design is to rid your space of all items that could take away from your design, such as dirt or clutter. Store any items that may resemble clutter out of sight, and keep your furniture clean in order to present and enjoy your home in its pristine state. Little details such as clean and clear windows can have an immense impact on the lighting in your home as it reflects on your interior design overall. 

Crown Molding

Crown molding is a decorative and functional design element that can create a flawless and crisp transition between your walls and flooring.  Many believe that crown molding is a design element strictly for classic and traditional homes, however crown molding is making a transition into more contemporary and modern homes. With a multitude of design options, there are plenty of options for different styles of homes. Crown molding will be an eye catcher in your home, while offering an unblemished transition between design elements in your home.


The last step to complete the home interior design of your dreams is to add the perfect decor to accentuate your existing design elements. No interior is complete without the matching art and decor. Decor can go a long way, and is a great investment when it comes to timeless, unique pieces. Even the most simple furnishings and finishes can be elevated with the help of strategically fused and placed decor.  

The above are some of the most efficient ways to elevate your home interior design utilizing simple design elements. If you are craving a change in your home and home interior design, there are many aspects to consider – which can easily become overwhelming. The team of talented interior designers at Interiors by Brown are here to help you transform your home into the best possible version of itself. Make the most out of your space while infusing it with your own personal touch and style, by working with a designer who is able to incorporate your vision into a spectacular, custom design and layout. 

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