04.19.19 | Home Interior Design

Choosing Seasonal Decor That Compliments Your Home

The home interior design and feel of your home can make a huge impact on your life. Coming home to a harmoniously balanced and well designed space can work wonders, and relieve you of much stress. When having your home designed by interior designers, and pouring your hear and soul into making it the perfect space for yourself and your family, naturally you always want it to be impeccably perfect.

Holidays are a great opportunity to spread cheer throughout your home, and change your design up a little bit. However, it is easy to drown in hundreds of different stores, decorational pieces and colors when shopping for holiday decorations. Equally frustrating is picking out items that caught your eye at a retailer, and bring it home only to determine it clashes with your current design, or simply does not compliment the aesthetics of your overall home interior design.

An important aspect to consider when decorating for the holidays is choosing a theme in order to make your home interior design cohesive. Themes could entail a color, pattern, character or anything surrounding a holiday that you particularly love and/or inspires you.

Picking decorations in colors that complement the existing colors in your home is vital. The last thing you want to see in your home, is two clashing colors or patterns creating an eyesore in your space. When you have invested a lot of time and effort into giving your home a stylish, cohesive design and look, the last thing you should do is disrupt the current look with decor that do not match.

A great place to start in the first step of holiday decorating is picking colors you would like to decorate with. For Christmas, colors such as reds, greens, white, silver and gold are popular. For Easter celebrations, light and soft pastel shades are appropriate. Thanksgiving has a brown, orange and green theme consisting of different earthy tones. Passover colors include rich, deep blues. Equally, each holiday has a general color scheme that can be used as inspiration to pull colors from.

Same as with colors, choosing patterns or textures that correspond with the holiday you are decorating for are important in trying to concept a great theme. For Christmas, flannel, faux-fur, velvet and crochet are great pattern and texture choices. For Easter, feathers and light, playful spring themed patterns and textures are ideal. For Thanksgiving, including rustic, natural elements and textures such as baskets, wood and fall greens are appropriate. And for Passover, textures and patterns in a rich blue color, along with a centerpiece Seder Plate are the best to gather inspiration from.

After you have gathered inspiration on which textures and colors you would like to use, you should choose parts of your house that you would like to highlight with holiday decorations. The front door, entrance hall, mantle, dining room table and coffee tables are great places to highlight with holiday decorations, and subsequently create memorable focal points.

A holiday themed table setting can be decorated throughout the season with various centerpieces, napkins, and table settings as well as seasonal china. This makes holiday dinners and parties more memorable and can simplify the process of decorating the table last minute.  A mantle, is always a great location for decorations of any season. Most fireplace mantles are in the heart of the home, and offer an ideal canvas to showcase various seasonal decorative items without seeming cluttered. It is also a space that is often out of the way of most home interior design decoration items.  Likewise, coffee tables and side tables offer ideal space to place little items and tie the decorational items together into an overall theme.

Never forget about the entryway, as it can be the highlight of your home and seasonal decor. If you have a functional space, The right decor placed in sight at first entry can make an impression and spread season cheer the second someone walks through your door.

Items such as decorative pillows, throws and blankets can be used to cozy up the space and tie seasonal design as well as your existing home interior design together. These items also add comfort and warmth, and are especially fitting for winter holidays.

Finally, lets not forget about food. In any home, specifically during the holidays, food will bring your family and guests together, while keeping them occupied and fed. Decorative snacks, baked goods and the serving trays these are displayed on are all opportunities to add seasonal decoration that is also enjoyable. Decorative cookies, seasonal candy such as candy canes or easter eggs and other delicacies can be displayed and add a thoughtful touch to any seasonal decorations. Serving trays, etageres and other decorational serving china can be a further extension of your existing home interior design. By using plates, trays and other items matching your gorgeous existing home interior design, you can smoothly tie in new elements while highlighting the seasonal decor.

All in all, there are many ways to incorporate well-thought through seasonal decor into your existing home interior design. Remember to pick a color scheme, and match any colors, textures and items to your existing home interior design, while making a subtle statement.

If you are not confident that you can pick out the right items or places for these items, you can always stop by the Brown showroom in the heart of East Boca Raton to have on of our designers help you choose the seasonal decor that best matches the rest of your home. The Brown home interior design team is always here for you, especially when you most need it. Call us, send us an email or stop by in person, we are looking forward to seeing you and creating something special in your home.