09.06.19 | Home Interior Design

Choosing the Right Rug for Your Space

When decorating a room or space in your house, a rug is often the most common final touch to complete a room. Adding texture, design and a cozy element to your home interior design can be accomplished with this one versatile accessory. Choosing the ideal rug to complement your home interior design might seem like a simple choice, however can often pose to be much more difficult than you might think it would. There are multiple factors to consider when choosing ‘the one’ rug that will complement your needs, style and space in the perfect way, all of which might not align with your initial considerations.

Living room or bedroom 

The first vital piece of information that you will need to consider is where in your home you would like to place a rug. The most common areas for rugs are in your bedroom, living room, sitting areas, family rooms and kids bedrooms / nurseries. Rugs are a great addition to wood or tile floors specifically in a kids bedroom or nursery, as they decrease the risk of potential injuries and offer a soft and warm ground to play on. After determining which space you would like to enhance with a rug, determining the size is essential. 


The size of a rug can change the feel and home interior design of a space or room drastically to a greater extent than one might think. Often, people go with a decently priced rug that is smaller in size and offers a lower price point. Choosing a rug that is too small for the space can drastically change the appearance of the rooms size, as well as the layout. When choosing a rug for the living room, you should choose a rug that is large enough to fit the front two legs of each grouped seating piece on it in a group layout. When choosing a rug for the dining room, choose an 8×10 or 9×12 for a rectangular table, and make sure the rug extends at least 25-30 inches past the table. A bedroom rug should be placed under the bed and extend roughly 40 inches around the bed and ideally under the nightstands as well. Kitchen rugs are exposed to food, spills and generally more wear and tear. Therefore a small kitchen rug in front of the sink should suffice, all other floor spaces should remain uncovered for easier cleaning, safety and sanitary reasons. 


The choice of rug style generally relies on the home interior design style and feel you are trying to achieve. Patterns, designs, textures and shapes of rugs are each unique to different interior design trends and styles. Therefor, in order to determine the style or design of the rug that will best compliment your home, gather inspiration and ideas online and show your home interior designer at interiors by Brown for them to find the best possible fit for your space. 


Lastly, when making a long lasting purchase and investment such as a large quality rug, make sure it will be the correct style, material and feel for your lifestyle. If you have young kids or pets, choosing a more durable material or busy pattern might be more suitable for you, as these can easily hide stains and accidents. Washable rugs are also a great choice for busier families and homes. 

Additional rug hacks include placing a non-slip rug pad underneath your rugs to prevent them from moving, slipping or creasing. This will keep your rug beautiful for longer as well as eliminate creases or the rug slipping out of place which can pose a safety concern. 

Should this major element in your home interior design suffer a spill or accident, follow the care instructions to remove any stains. If there are none, cleaning the rug with warm soap water, baking soda and a brush will remove most stains. Red wine stains are more difficult to remove, however packing salt on top of the stain overnight can occasionally work wonders. If you are using store-bought chemical carpet cleaning sprays, test the product on select spots and areas of your rug before applying it to a large area, as there are chances it could not be the right cleaning agent for your carpet and damage it.  

Should you have a pet or even multiple pets who shed, consider their fur color before investing in a specific rug. Purchasing a dark colored rug with light fur colored pets or vice versa, will increase the amount of cleaning necessary to keep it dander free, and increased vacuuming or brushing may deteriorate it faster. 

Make sure to rotate your rug periodically to even out the wear and tear it is subjected to, and keep it in a better condition for longer. As certain areas of a rug can be exposed to more traffic, they are more prone to deteriorating faster. Should you see any loose threads, trim them with scissors to prevent from further damage. 

Should you have stubborn stains, wear and tear or changes in color of your rug due to dirt, consider hiring a professional steam cleaning service to remove deep stains, odors and lodged dirt. Your rug will thank you later. 

Are you ready to seek out the rug that best compliments your home interior design? We hope all of the above tips and tricks will help you make your decision easier. If you are overwhelmed by choosing the correct rug or rugs for your home interior design, or want to ensure you are choosing the correct one, stop by our showroom in East Boca to get help from a professional. Our many home interior designers on location can help you choose the perfect one. Many designers like to start with choosing the rug and then designing the room around a focal point rug, so while you’re at it, refresh your home with a completely new home interior design!