04.04.19 | Home Interior Design

Color Trends of 2019

Have you been yearning for a fresh, new, remodeled home interior design? Often we can get tired of our home and living spaces, and frequently desire to switch things up a little. Whether a full on renovation or introducing a couple of new colors into your home – changing things up can be good for the soul. With the ever changing trends in the home and interior design industry, choosing just one style or color can be overwhelming and difficult. Are you ready for something fresh and new about incorporating the hottest trends, styles and home interior design in the industry into your home? Brown can introduce you to some of the colors of 2019.

Earthy gray tones continue to set trend standards from last year along with new, integrated colors. Grays, especially with warm, earthy undertones, give out a natural feel while also communicating a perception of elegance. Grays are easy to combine with complementing accent colors, while maintaining a neutral feel, look and overall style. Grays can be fairly similar in shade, yet simultaneously be wildly different depending on the undertone. Therefore, a gray for your home, whether in paint, flooring or furniture – has to be carefully selected and matched to other items, paints or decor in the space, contingent on the undertone and hue. Adding earthtones to your home interior design in a surefire way to create an elegant, but relaxing mood. Guests will feel the resonance of the natural space you’ve created through using calming, yet on trend colors.

For a classy, timeless and elegant accent color, hunter greens are making a comeback. Easily complimented by neutral tones, dark, rich, yet vibrant hunter greens are versatile in nature, and add additional elegance in combination with silvers and golds. Traditionally, hunter green represents wealth, trust and safety. Using hunter green throughout your home interior design is good for the mind, and the soul.

Soft, gray blue shades are another way to stay trendy while playing it safe. Blues are frequently trending in interior design, and a relatively safe color choice, especially for your walls. Gray, smokey shades of blue with soft undertones are easily combined with other accent colors and compliment a wide range of other colors.

Vibrant citrus colors such as bright, pastel yellows along with electrified coral are show stopping color choices for anybody willing to go all out and risk it all with their accent shade. A pop of color, especially of a bright shade, can illuminate the room and convey a sense of carefree positivity.

If you prefer softer, more feminine colors – you’ll be happy to know that pale pink colors are making a comeback this year. Easily compatible with many other colors, light and subtle while still making a statement, pale pinks are a great choice to enhance your home. Because of its light nature, it is perfect for smaller spaces such as bathrooms and closets.

Inspired by culture, nature and incorporating the essence of American South-Western flair, soft nuances of terracotta are making a comeback in many homes. The rich, earthy tones are a great way to make your furniture, metal accents and decor pop. Clay and terracotta tones can be easily combined with many bright colors, complimenting reds, yellows, greens, and blues. These earthy tones furthermore carry warmth into your living space and can give it a more “homey” feel.

For a lighter version of earth tones with a hint of pink, muted blush shades are back in the game. A sophisticated whisper of color to a light, cream shade makes this color versatile and timeless. Easily incorporated into your home and existing color scheme, blush is also a perfect color for a nursery or children’s bedroom, with just the correct amount of color.

Similar in their light natural feel yet consecutively more versatile in their hue are this years cream spin-offs. Cream colors are popular because of their light nature, yet softer appearance when compared to their alternative – harsh white. Cream shades can have slight tinge of a select color, resulting in the ‘off-white’ feel. Whether yellow, blue, brown or black, tinges of color create cream colors in different shades. Off-cream colors are safe bets when it comes to home interior design choices and combinations.

Lastly, the trend of stones and precious jewels as decor is being carried over into this year in the way of a color trend in home interior design. Bright, moody jewel tones such as rich magentas, purples and greens are the perfect way to incorporate a sophisticated pop of color into your space. Think Aquamarines, rubies, sapphires and emeralds. Not only on a small wall, but also in the form of a vase, pillow, flowers or patterned rug – jewel tones are a must this season.

Not a color, yet equally as significant of a trend for textured walls, accents and decor is natural wood. Natural wood can add organic, earthy elements to your home. In combination with metals, silver and gold accents – it is a trendy and stylish decor piece to incorporate into your home.

With this list of the colors of 2019 in home interior design, you should be fully equipped with plenty of color inspiration for your upcoming refresh or remodel. From basic, light and timeless shades to bold, vibrant statement shades, there is something for everyone and every design. Some of the more vibrant shades will definitely make a statement, especially with complimenting artwork, or on an accent wall.

If these colors seem intimidating, and might seem difficult to incorporate into your home, an interior designer can help you. At Brown, we take any home interior design inspiration our clients may have, and turn them into a spectacular, cohesive design. We know how to incorporate the colors of 2019 into your home interior design, while creating an overall long-term design that will accommodate any future colors and trends in the upcoming years. If you are not sure which trending color will look good in your home, our Interior designers at Brown can point you in the right direction, or you can stop by our showroom located in the heart of Boca Raton, FL.