10.04.19 | Home Interior Design

Correctly Customizing Your Outdoor Kitchen

With plenty of kitchen space inside your home, there may seem few reasons to consider an additional kitchen space to utilize for cooking outside. However, cooking outside can be a great opportunity to gather the family, spend time with friends and family as well as enjoy the outdoors. In addition, entertaining and cooking can come with various scents, fumes and associated chaos, that are more easily eliminated outdoors. 

In most states during the fall, the temperatures during this time of the year are falling and the likelihood of spending quality time outdoors decreases with falling temperatures. In contrast, warmer states such as Florida, will now finally be able to enjoy their outdoor space without being overwhelmed and chased inside by blistering hot temperatures and the intense UV rays of the sun. Therefore, fall is the perfect time to make use of your outdoor kitchen as an extension of your home interior design if you are a resident of one of the hotter states. If you don’t have an outdoor kitchen yet and are considering the benefits of building one in your outdoor space – take the following recommendations into consideration. 

Consider an open space

When selecting the correct location in your backyard or patio, consider the functionality of the placement. The journey of carrying multiple dishes, ingredients and other items outside from the inside of your home should be reasonably simple. Try to place and outdoor kitchen in an open space, that allows for plenty of space for interactions between grilling and cooking, while being close to an outdoor seating area or dining table. Avoid placing the outdoor kitchen far from your indoor one, as the commute between the two spaces will become a hassle, possible danger and a direct path to track dirt into your home. Consider areas such as your patio, or areas close to your patio. 


Because outdoor cooking frequently takes place at night time as well as the day time – don’t forget to include the correct lighting into your plans. We’re sure you wouldn’t want to cook in the dark with a flashlight… Consider either placing your outdoor kitchen in a well lit area, such as your patio, or right next to, or installing the correct lighting surrounding your outdoor kitchen. If there are any changes in weather conditions midst using your outdoor kitchen, consider covering the area with a roof, pergola or various other types of coverings. 

Lowkey essentials

Of course your outdoor kitchen should include a grill, preferably a built in grill nestled in a durable island and countertop. Aside from the obvious, a separate stove top can assist in making side dishes in the same space, rather than cooking those items in the kitchen simultaneously and running back and forth between the two. If you are placing your outdoor kitchen as an extension of your home interior design on your patio, consider including a vent fan to prevent flies, critters and other bugs from circulating. A vent fan can additionally aid in ridding the area of any smoke and odors associated with outdoor cooking and grilling.

Unfortunately cooking, especially grilling and outdoor cooking can be the cause of a lot of of eyesores in your home interior design. Dirty dishes and items should not be left outside with food reminiscents, as this will attract bugs. For this reason, as well as many others, consider including a small sink in your outdoor kitchen.  

Lastly, relive your college days by purchasing a quality mini-fridge to build into your outdoor kitchen space. This can be a great asset in outdoor entertaining, as your drinks will always be cold and ready to be served, and your cooking ingredients will not spoil out in the heat of the sun. Be careful to leave only sealed items in the mini fridge overnight, as critters may find their way into the fridge after hours. 

Storage is key

Cooking and entertaining require a multitude of tools and utensils that need a place to be stowed away neatly. Clutter is especially inconvenient in combination with the elements outdoors, therefor, include plenty of storage space in your outdoor kitchen island to store all of your items in a way that does not disrupt your home interior design. If there are items that have the potential to rust as they are exposed to the elements, consider keeping these in sealed containers for additional protection. 


Consider including additional luxuries that will be tailored to your lifestyle, wants and needs. Are you a wine lover? Consider incorporating a wine fridge. Do you enjoy watching sports? Consider a lounge area and tv. Do you like to pair your BBQ with a beer? Consider building a kegerator into your outdoor kitchen island and having your favorite beer on tap at your disposal. If you have a green thumb, your outdoor kitchen could be the perfect home for potted various herbs and spices. Whatever little luxuries you prefer to indulge on, consider incorporating a custom piece into your outdoor kitchen. 

Outdoor kitchens can be rather difficult to incorporate into your outdoor space correctly, as they have to be a visual extension to your existing home interior design, while maintaining maximum functionality. High quality, durable and weather resistant finishes are recommended to increase the longevity of your outdoor kitchen. 

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