09.13.19 | Home Interior Design

Creating the Perfect Guest Bathroom

The key to creating the perfect guest bathroom 

Guest bathrooms, an essential and luxury all at once. Bathrooms are often a personal space of privacy and personalization. Few prefer giving their guests insight into their private bathroom, yet alone letting them use it. Why share your oasis with the prying eyes of guests when you can create guests, visitors, friends and family a space of their own within your home. There are many home interior design options when it comes to creating the guest bathroom of your dreams – one that you are proud to direct your guests too. 

Stick to a neutral color and design palette

When it comes to your master bathroom, personalization is usually key. Each individual requires a unique bathroom home interior design of their own, custom to their routines, needs and preferences. Some cannot live without a bathtub, other prefer a walk-in shower. Some don’t mind sacrificing space for a separate lavatory room, others prefer to utilize the space differently. However, when it comes to guest bathrooms, functionality and a neutral design is key. Each and every guest you will host in your home will have their own style and home interior design preferences – here – creating a neutral space most will find comfort in is key. 

Neutral color palettes, light colors and timeless designs are ideal for guest bathrooms. Colors can always be introduced to the space with the help of rugs, matts, towels and curtains. When planning the home interior design of your guest bathroom, keep it neutral while incorporating the overall home interior design of your home. 

Decorating your guest bathroom 

Consider including a highlight piece in your guest bathroom to ‘wow’ your guests, one that is memorable and will stand out. An elegant sink, rainshower or eye-catching vanity are ideal for this. Even though your guests vacation, get-away or short term stay will be in your home, that doesn’t mean it can’t entail the same comfort and luxury a regular vacation may. 


Your guests come first

Design your space with the guests in mind. Dedicated space and areas where guests can place their stuff and make themselves at home will enhance their stay. Avoid cluttering the area with items – especially personal. Instead, include basics each of your guests can enjoy and appreciate. Travel items such as tissues, Q-tips, soaps and shampoos are a great touch to show your guests they are thoughtfully appreciated. Some appreciate the luxe touch of adding robes, and an abundance of towels for their use. When providing these items, keep in mind to find containers, baskets or similar to display these items in a way that does not disturb the home interior design, but is visible and easy to locate for your guests. 

Don’t forget about storage

 When planning the home interior design of your guest bathroom, plan for plenty of storage and compartments to store excess guest items, stock additional toiletries and offer a place for your guests to place their personal items out of sight. Include a laundry basket that matches your home interior design or is built in and out of sight. Don’t forget a visually appealing trash can with a lid for privacy and hygiene purposes, and a magnifying vanity mirror for convenience along with electric styling tools such as blow dryers and female styling tools. 


When it comes to decorations, add large impressive wall art or decorative items that will make a lasting impression. Hotels often include impressive yet minimal items to avoid clutter and facilitate cleaning while still making a lasting impression. Be mindful to include items that will not be damaged by moisture, which is frequently present in bathrooms. 

Final touches 

For the extra, lively and fresh decorative touch to your guest bathroom, consider adding fresh flowers to welcome your guests. Flowers are not only a visual touch to your home interior design, they can also add scent and make your guest bathroom smell pleasant. If you are welcoming multiple guests, consider displaying a visually appealing and petite room spray to rid the bathroom of any odors if need be. Scented Candles can also be an additional touch your guests may enjoy relaxing to. 

Think, practical

Lastly, purchase quality towels, matts and rugs that are sturdy and can be washed frequently. Each guest deserves a fresh, crisp bathroom of their own, and purchasing low quality fabrics and materials will complicate the cleaning process. Bright colors may lose vibrancy over the course of multiple washes, therefore including neutral colors for these items may be a smarter choice. 

With the help of all these tips and tricks, the home interior design of your guest bathroom will surely be a success. After all, we all want to make a lasting impression while making our guests feel comfortable and at home. Ensuring they are comfortable, have everything they need and can unwind in their temporary space will ensure a smooth and enjoyable stay and enable you to share your space at ease and with confidence. 

Should you need help with any home interior design needs, including designing the guest bathroom of you and your guest dreams contact our team at Brown today. With a staff of expert interior designers, a beautiful showroom in the heart of east Boca Raton, and services throughout the east coast – we are here for you. Invest in your dream space today, the place you spend the majority of your time, your home and sanctuary – you will not regret it.