04.12.19 | Home Interior Design

Entertaining – How to Create a Memorable Dinner Table Setting

When hosting a dinner for family and friends, not just the food, but the presentation plays a large role in the success of the night, and is an extension of you and your home interior design. When spending an extensive amount of time in the kitchen creating a memorable meal, why not tie it all together with the correct dinner setting?

In order to make your dinner table setting memorable for your guests while incorporating home interior design, you should first pick a style /theme for the table. Things to gather inspiration from when thinking of ideas for your table settings are current holidays, seasons, origin of the meal you are cooking or your home interior design.

If there is an upcoming holiday or your dinner is a holiday related meal, you can use the color scheme of the holiday, and accessorize accordingly. For example, if it is a Christmas dinner, rich reds and greens would be appropriate, along with white, silver and gold. If you are setting a thanksgiving table, incorporate earthy tones such as orange and browns. How do you incorporate these colors? Napkins, napkin rings, vases, flowers and other table decorations make for the perfect accessories to incorporate these colors into your table setting. If you have dishes in these colors, you can use these too. If you use dishes with themed designs, make sure you balance these by using more neutral, lighter napkins and table decorations to compliment the busy dishes. An additional way to add unique , personalized and thoughtful details to your table setting is to incorporate name cards, notes or conversation starters to each setting. Adding name cards has the further benefit of being able to pre-arrange the seating order in a way that will maximize the conversation and liveliness of your dinner party.

If there is no specific holiday related to your dinner party, or close to the date, you can always use your current season for home interior design decor and table setting inspiration. If you are in the midst of spring, you can reflect bright and light spring colors like pinks and yellows in your decor and table setting. Seasonal flowers and their colors are always great for the table settings. For the spring, some seasonal flowers include apple blossoms, hyacinths and hydrangeas. For the summer, flowers such as Calla Lily, Daisies and Gerber Daisies. In the fall, use Chrysanthemums and Asters for a statement. Lastly, in the winter, Amaryllis, freesia and holly are the most popular for a beautiful table setting, matching your overall home interior design.

If you do not want to use a more traditional inspiration such as seasonal or holiday, you can always find inspiration by the meal you are preparing, or having catered. For example, if you are serving asian food, you can use asian inspired decor, such as lanterns, lotus flowers and carafes for rice wine or soy sauce. Furthermore you can include traditional chopsticks as an alternative utensil as a part of your decor. Likewise, you can incorporate any meal inspiration into the decor of your table setting.

When setting your table, make sure to include the correct type and amount of utensils. If you are serving an appetizer, make sure to include a smaller appetizer fork and knife on the outside of your main course cutlery, or if you are serving a soup, you may include a spoon. Any dessert cutlery, whether it is a small fork or spoon, should be placed at the top of your plate. If you are serving bread with your meal, you should include a small plate in the top left corner of your setting, and lay a small butter knife across it. Plates for the different courses should be stacked from top to bottom and the napkin of your choice can be placed on top, or on the side according to your preference.

Now that you have taken many details into consideration in order to plan the perfect dinner for your guests, you can’t fall short on ambiance. Make sure to include soft lighting accents such as candles, or overall soft, dimmed lighting. Naturally, you shouldn’t forget about music either, choose background music that sets the atmosphere, does not disturb conversation and matches the occasion. Pro-tip – there are many pre-selected and custom curated playlists on popular music apps that will take the work out of your hands in one simple click. The proper volume can make a tremendous difference on the overall mood of your dinner party too, dial up wisely.

If your dinner party is of a manageable size and you are cooking yourself, be sure to prepare little appetizers or amuse-bouches to keep your guests hunger at bay and provide an activity to keep them busy until you are ready to serve the first course. Serving trays should further reflect your home interior design or the dinner table decorations. If you would like to showcase your home interior design further than your dining room, you can serve the appetizers in a different part of your house, preferably a comfortable seating area such as a couch or outdoor lounge area. This will furthermore provide you with an empty dining room table and make it easier to set up the first course.

All in all, there are many ideas and inspirations to take into account when planning a beautiful dinner at your home. Your table setting and decor should complement your home interior design, and likewise be up to the same standards. When investing much time, effort and money into your pristine home, the last thing you want to do is disappoint with a plain dinner setting and table decor. If you don’t know where to start, or what decor to include into your upcoming dinner party, Brown is always here to help our clients with any additional needs. Stop by our showroom in the heart of Boca Raton, and get the professional advice you need in order to decorate a dinner table setting that will leave your guests in awe.