09.20.19 | Home Interior Design

Fall Decorating Tips for your Home

One of our favorite seasons is right around the corner, and with that so are rich, vibrant colors, new textures and scents. Fall is one of the most popular seasons for many reasons – the scents, the cozy nights, the baked goods and most of all homey additions to your home interior design. There is a fine line between the right amount of fall decorations that complement your home interior design, and over cluttering your home with an overabundance of the wrong decorations. For suggestions on what to include in your seasonal home interior design this year, follow our tips below. 

Establish a theme 

Mix and matching too many different seasonal decorative items can turn your home interior design into a mismatched clutter. Consider choosing a fall pattern or design and color theme that you can repeat throughout your home – and subsequently create a cohesive home interior design. For example, if you are using a specific flower, include this specific flower in different spaces throughout your home.  


There is no questions leaves, brushes and other fall foliage are a substantial part of fall decorations in your home. Whether fall flowers in rich reds, oranges and shades of brown – centerpieces and vases of these throughout your home can spread the fall feel. Don’t forget about the less apparent spaces in your home, including guest bathrooms, the kitchen and outdoor porch and patio areas. In addition, there are plenty of fall greeneries that make for the perfect fall decoration that will instantly liven up your living space and complement other fall decorations such as pumpkins, gourds and dried leaves.  


Candles are a staple element in any fall home interior design decor. The rich, distinct and homey scents of fall candles can pull your decorations together while catering to not just your visual senses, but also your sense of smell. Distinct fall candle scents include pumpkin, honeycrisp apple, campfire and other rich nature inspired scents. 


Wreaths are a traditional holiday decorational element, and a great opportunity to welcome any person that steps foot into your home with an instantaneous holiday and fall feel. Wreaths come in many combinations of colors, flowers, and usually include different decorational elements. In order to maintain a cohesive home interior design, establish a color theme throughout your home, and mirror that or the same elements in different rooms. 

Seasonal produce

Seasonal produce such as gourds,including small pumpkins are a great way to get your home into fall mode. Not only do they make for a beautiful and colorful fall display when arranged correctly, but they are also an organic contrast to plastic, porcelain and glass decorations.  An additional benefit of decorating with gourds is the price-point. Gourds are extremely affordable, especially when purchased in sets. The only downside of using gourds as a seasonal decoration in home interior design is that they only have a limited lifespan and will only last for a couple of months maximum. 

Throw Pillows and Blankets

Fall patterns, elements and textures are ideally displayed in throw-pillow or blanket forms. Replace your regular throw pillows with seasonal patterns, or combine both in the same color palette for a more subtle feel. Equally, a draped throw blanket can enhance your couch, bed or other seating areas and offer comfort. Plaid and rich reds and browns are the most popular go-to’s for fall patterns, and are a great seasonal addition to your home interior design.

Set your formal dining room table

Setting your formal dining room table with fall inspired tablecloths, centerpieces and plates is a great way to elevate your seasonal home interior design. A hack for a simple yet memorable centerpiece is purchasing gourds and pumpkins (real or plastic) and placing them in the center repetitively in pairs. In order to add additional color, place pieces of foliage in between and underneath the pumpkins and gourds. Should the size of your formal dining room table allow it, include candleholders in between for cozy lighting. Finish the table setting with seasonal inspired napkins and napkin-rings for the perfect formal dining room home interior design. Leave the table set until a special occasion and benefit from it being ready to go for any potential dinner occasions. 


If you want to go all out and kick your seasonal home interior design up a notch, consider changing your rugs to match a fall color palette. Rugs do a great job at tying multiple elements, colors and rooms of your home interior design together and create a cohesive look. Whether large living room rugs, small rugs in your kitchen, bathrooms or the doormat – all are suitable for being replaced seasonally depending on your motivation. 

Finishing touches

Lastly, consider displaying fresh seasonal baked goods in your kitchen or on your dining room or coffee tables for a sweet fall touch. Include a chalkboard with seasonal verbiage, menu items or dates for a personalized touch. If things don’t seem quite perfect yet, consider moving items around and switching their placement. Display your favorite large pumpkins 

All in all, decorating for fall can seem like a daunting task – but can be fun and fulfilling in many ways. Switching up your home interior design for seasonal events can make you fall in love with your home all over again. With the tips above, you can easily create the perfect seasonal fall feel in your own home and space – until it is time to decorate for christmas! If you are overwhelmed by decorating, or simply would like a professional to perfect your home for you – come see us at the Brown showroom in East Boca Raton on Federal Highway. Here at Brown, we offer plenty of stunning, timeless decor and can help you elevate your home with it in the right ways. Our qualified designers are here for all of your home interior design needs, come see us or call us today!