05.03.19 | Home Interior Design

Home Interior Design Trends of the Year

When choosing to redecorate your home and seek the professional opinion of an interior designer, it is helpful to get a head start on currently trending decor, colors, tiles flooring and furniture. Having gathered inspiration, and having a rough idea of what you prefer or features you would like to have in your custom home interior design, will help you and your interior designer collaborate on your dream home, and narrow down options of styles, decor and statement pieces. Let’s take a look at what is trending in home interior design this year.

One of the primary choices many are faced with when renovating or just redecorating their home is paint. Painting your walls can make a significant difference on the overall feel and style of your home, and make it feel like a completely new home interior design. When you think about paint, you automatically think – four walls. Walls are commonly painted, however, the statement wall that’s making a comeback this year is the fifth wall – the ceiling. Ceilings are often neglected, and painted white by standard. Few consider how a bold, painted ceiling can elevate their home interior design. A painted ceiling can give a room an intimate and cozy feel, rooms that are ideal for a painted ceiling are dining rooms, family rooms and bathrooms. In order to create a cohesive look, use either your base color or accent color that are reflected in the rest of your space.

Geometric Shapes, are making a comeback in the form of decor, patterns and furniture. Geometric patterns are visually interesting and stimulating, while appealing to many because of their clean lines and structure. Geometric patterns are additionally a perfect opportunity to tie in the colors of your space by choosing a design that incorporates these colors. Patterns can simultaneously make your space visually more busy, while its clean, organised lines can communicate a sense of organisation.

Wallpapers were a staple design element of previous decades. Now that we spent the last 15 years removing wallpaper from all walls in renovations, conveniently, we are now ready to bring them back – in moderation… The right designs, patterns, florals and other wallpaper design on carefully selected accent walls or spaces can elevate your home interior design and give it a high-end feel. Bright florals and patterns with natural elements such as palm fons and leaves are especially popular this year. Go big or go home – the larger the floral elements, the better.

Unlike the square, clean defined lines of previous years, rounded curves are making a come back, in the form of furniture and decor. Contrary to the square, clean lines of furniture from previous years, rounded couches, arm chairs, tables and edges are this years trend in home interior design. Round artwork and rugs, are also opportunities to take part in these home interior design trends.

Statement tile backsplash walls are the perfect way to create a unique home interior design for your kitchen, bathroom, laundry room and other spaces you are renovating this year. Out with the boring, simple tiles, in with the bold, unique patterns and broader color palettes. This trend goes hand in hand with the cabinet trend of this year – cream cabinets. Re-doing your kitchen? Cream and matte black colored cabinets are this years go-to. Matte black cabinets make a bold statement, and are best highlighted in combination with bright white, airy walls along with gold handles and lighting fixtures. Are you afraid matte black cabinets will overwhelm your space? In combination white or cream floating cabinets, you will be in the midst of this years ultimate kitchen trend in home interior design.

Are you looking to renovate your bathroom, and transform  it into your own personal spa oasis? You will be happy to hear that ‘destination’ bathrooms are trending this year. Big airy bathrooms featuring luxurious lavish bathtubs, are more desired than ever. Natural wooden statement vanities are a trend you should not miss out on if you are renovating your bathroom, along with intricate, moroccan tiles. Do you have an extra spacious bathroom? A drying station next to the shower is a simple luxury you should not skip out on.

When it comes to upholstery, velvet fabrics are here to stay. Velvet made a comeback last year, and is now here to stay this year. This fabric, adds soft texture, shine and a sense of luxury and visual interest to your furniture and living space. Versatile in color, this fabric looks amazing in neutral beiges and greys as well as bright bold colors. Rich, dark,  luscious greens are specifically popular this year, and can make an elegant statement, as well as provide your space with a timeless splash of color. Additional pro? It is one of the softest and most comfortable fabrics for upholstery, little stains and nicks blend in easily with it, and in curtain form – keeps a nice shape along with blocking out plenty of heat and sunlight.

Lastly, large statement plants should be one of the main eyecatchers of your space in any remodel this year. Adding life, vibrancy and color, a large plant in combination with the correct pot or planter should be a staple part of your redesign. It can also aide in occupying empty space and incorporating decor colors into additional areas of your space.

Are you inspired to incorporate some of the trends into your home interior design and take your home to the next level? Hopefully these new trends will provide you with inspiration to take back to your professional interior designer and incorporate into your future home interior design.

Remember, it is always useful to gather inspiration and provide your interior designer with as much (or little) direction as you desire. If you don’t know how to visualize or translate these trends into your home, our experienced and intuitive interior designers at Interiors by Brown are here to give you a hand. We are excited to help you transform your home, and redefine your home interior design.