03.29.19 | Home Interior Design

How to Create a Relaxing Outdoor Space

When most think of a home interior design remodel, they think kitchen, living room, bedroom – indoors. When in fact, the outdoor space of a home is just as significant to the overall design and feel of your home. The outdoor furniture, decorations, textures and color palette along with landscaping are an extension of the inside of the home, and important elements of a well-curated home interior design.

Stick to Colors Reflected from the Interior

In order to create a seamless transition between the indoor and outdoor design of your home, reflect and incorporate similar textures and color palettes from the inside to the outdoor space. The feel of your home should blend with the outdoor space, through similar architectural and design elements. The interior design should be partially reflected in the outdoor space, yet matching too many furniture pieces and decorative items is not visually appealing. In order to create a visually intriguing patio or deck, incorporate different textures and materials such as wood, metals and other elements. Don’t be scared to mix some of these different textures and materials, and incorporate splashes of color in the form of vases, flowerpots, rugs and throw pillows.


An outdoor space should not only be designed to be aesthetically pleasing to the eye, but also functional. During the warm months, a well-designed outdoor space should be the center of your home, family get-togethers and entertaining. Outdoor furniture that can be easily rearranged for get-togethers and comfortably seat additional people are the best choices when selecting outdoor furniture. Be assured that the furniture is comfortable and livable before purchasing solemnly for style. Another factor to consider is your commitment to bringing in possible cushions of an outdoor lounge area when it is raining. If you are not home frequently or prefer not to keep up with protecting your cushions, you may want to choose a more weather resistant and waterproof option.

Incorporate Plants and Existing Outdoor Colors

In order to reflect the general home interior design in the outside space, you should pull colors from the existing outdoor space. For example, if you have large fuchsia bougainvilleas in your garden, you can incorporate the colors of it and reflect it in your decor such as a fuchsia flower pot, vase or pillow. An additional option would be to purchase an additional plant and place it on the deck in order to reflect colors from your garden on to your patio. This type of juxtaposition helps to add a general sense of cohesive wonder that can tie a space together in a meaningful and impactful way. Pulling colors from a natural space also helps to illuminate their beauty.

Comfort is an essential consideration when it comes to choosing the perfect outdoor furniture. Patios, gardens and balconies should be a relaxing space for you and your family to unwind in and charge up, especially on the weekends. Choosing outdoor furniture that suits your needs and ideas of a relaxing space ensures that you will actually utilize it to its full extent. For example, if you enjoy sun-bathing, a large outdoor dinner table makes less sense than lounge furniture that is flexible to be moved around according to the sun. While designing a beautiful space is absolutely essential, it’s also important to consider function. At Brown, we marry form and function in order to create the most sensibly beautiful spaces. Too often, function is sacrificed in the name of aesthetics – and this is not a smart allocation of resources. We aim to ensure that every decision we make is a marriage of both form and function to help beautifully tie your space together in the most useful way.

Some great home interior design decor to incorporate into your outdoor space are rugs and curtains. Though counterintuitive, outdoor rugs and curtains to frame your patio or lounge area and can elevate your space in design and add an element of comfort. Both are also excellent opportunities to add texture, color and patterns into your design. We use the finest materials and vendors in order to ensure the materials we choose hold up against outdoor elements. Oftentimes, the wrong materials are used when a novice is designing an outdoor space. This can lead to deterioration and even mold. It’s essential, again, to pick beautiful elements that are resistant to hot, often wet climates in order to ensure the longevity of the space we are creating.

Depending on the extent of your home interior design remodel, adding water to your outdoor space can be beneficial in many ways. Whether it is a jacuzzi or pool for entertainment and wellness purposes, a pond or waterfall for the visual aspect. Water can relieve stress, and creates a relaxing atmosphere. Water elements can be beautifully incorporated throughout the inside of the house as well, in order to create a cohesive and tranquil experience for the home inhabitants and their guests alike.

In smaller spaces, use items that can have more than just one use or purpose. That way you can maximize functionality and have as many uses for one piece of furniture as possible.

All in all, there are many ways to create a relaxing outdoor space, and select the correct home interior design for your specific space. With the help of a professional interior designer here at Brown, we can help design a functional and breathtaking space custom for you. Especially in a state such as Florida, where a well designed and multi-functional outdoor space is vital in order to experience the full extent of the Florida lifestyle. Usually, a lot of time is spent on the design of the interior of the house, when the outdoors is equally as important.

At Brown we focus on how a space feels, the functionality of it and how your home defines you. We create indoor as well as outdoor spaces that reflect the essence of your personality and style while considering your current lifestyle and lifestyle aspirations.