01.17.20 | Home Interior Design

Interior Design Do’s and Don’ts for 2020

Every year home interior design trends change and transform. With the beginning of a new decade, many crave a fresh wind of change in home interior design and style. We have compiled the top interior design do’s and don’ts for your consideration and fresh inspiration in 2020. 


Accent walls

The theme for 2020 is plain and simple – if you’re going to do it, do it right. Stop experimenting with select accent walls, just go ahead and commit to the entire room. The new year is all about making bold choices, and committing to an entire room versus one single accent wall definitely counts for a bold choice.

Granite Countertops 

This long lasting favorite when it comes to classy and elegant counter space is now a thing of the past. Thanks to more durable and cost effective alternatives such as quartz which include variations that are close to visually identical – marble is decreasing in popularity and its price is becoming less justifiable by the minute.  

Monochromatic grays and palettes

You heard it here first – rid yourself of that gray on gray, white on white etc. This decade is one of bold design choices, and playing the safe card is not included in that. 

Mirrored furniture

As rapidly as it surfaced, it is disappearing again. Our deepest apologies to all those who purchased a full mirrored bedroom set. This temporary highly glamorous trend had its moment, but is now no longer considered to be current and design forward. 

Faux Plants

Kiss those artificial orchids, succulents and plants goodbye. This year plastic plants are an interior design faux-pas. Skip dusting your plastic plants and water some live ones instead. 2020 has made it very clear that air quality trumps all, in with the real plants, out with the faux ones.

Subway tile and mosaic patterns

As they resurfaced rather drastically, they are leaving the 2020 design trends equally as rapidly. Say good-bye to the highly popular subway tile and mosaic patterns, known for their high popularity and demand in the past two years. 2020 is ready for a change, and a new tile trend is on the way!

All-white kitchens

Ouch, this one hurts. All white kitchens have been steadily trending for quite some time now, but it seems 2020 is ready for them to go. Whether for good or for now, a more warm, welcoming look is in, in comparison to the sterile feel of an all white kitchen space. 


Black and White Statements

Bold statements fused with an art deco flair are here to stay for another year. The contrast of black and white walls, flooring, cabinetry and accessories make a statement and are simultaneously simple and classic. A bold black and white style is timeless and can be easily combined with many other styles and decor while remaining a bold statement.

Classic Accents and Decor 

This year we’re bringing back classic decor and design elements inspired by ancient cultures. Grab the statues, busts, greek and roman design elements out of your storage, attics and garages and be the first in the game to incorporate this revived interior design trend.

Plants, living ones.

Goodbye plastic succulents of 2019 and welcome to the interior design trend of 2020 that is not just visually appealing, but will also have a significant impact on the air quality of your home. Living plants are back in the spotlight of home interior design and the motto is – the bigger, the greener, the better. Plants add layers and texture to your home interior design and can be a real mood booster. Be careful when selecting plants in combination with pets, as some might be toxic if ingested by your furry friends.

High-end bedding

Ideal for your binge-watching tendencies – snoozing in style is officially a trend in 2020. We spend a third of our time in bed, why not invest in quality bedding? Bedding can transform any bed into a comfort oasis and make an impression on any guest that catch a glimpse of your bedroom. Include matching throw pillows for additional style and comfort.

Wicker and Rattan

Even though you might be caught off guard by the resurfacing of wicker and rattan, it is about time they resurface. The traditional, organic feel of wicker and rattan combined with modern styles and shapes makes these statement furniture pieces a suitable comeback for the new decade. 

Upholstered walls

Upholstery on your walls? Yes, you heard right. Make a statement in 2020 by extending your upholstered headboard across your entire wall, or large sections of it. Commiting to your headboard in a way that makes a bold statement is just the right way to ring in 2020.

Multi-functional spaces

Combining a closet and home office? Sure, strict separation can stay in 2019, because this year is all about combining spaces in a functional way. Not only can it lower your living costs, but it can also effectively create space for other endeavors within your home. 

Now that you are in the loop with 2020’s most notable changes in home interior design trends, are you going to make changes in your home? Don’t put off that long overdue renovation project, your home deserves to be perfect, and you deserve a custom home that is just right for you. Sifting through design trends and inspo can be overwhelming, we know, don’t get discouraged. Only you know the perfect style for your space, its time to make it your own.

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