04.26.19 | Home Interior Design

Interior Design for the Indecisive

Commitment issues don’t necessarily have to be related to a relationship with a significant other. They can be related to a variety of different things, a job, a move, a hair color or in this case – your interior design. Are you indecisive by nature and can’t decide what you would like for your home to look like, or are consistently changing your mind and style? This does not necessarily have to deter you from changing up your home interior design and renovating your home, as your indecisiveness can be easily accommodated into your new home interior design.

By working with the correct color schemes, and incorporating the correct interior decor elements, your interior design can be flexible and accommodating to any changes you may want to make in the future.

When it comes to a flexible home interior design, selecting furniture, main decor items and staple items such as curtains- in colors and textures that can be easily combined with many accent colors is key. If you like switching up the feel of your home and include new trending accent colors, textures and decor frequently, invest in the larger staple items in  neutral colors, and keep a lower budget for the smaller pieces. For example, it is easier to switch out the side tables of a couch to change the look of the room, then to replace the couch. At the same time, you don’t want to invest a lot of money into the smaller items, if you do not hold on to them long enough.

If you get tired of your home interior design frequently, you may want to consider rearranging your decor. Sometimes, all it takes to change the feel of the room, is to move and interchange items throughout different rooms. For example, you could move your coffee table tray from the living room to the bathroom, and use it as a decorational display for your perfumes, jewelry and little trinkets. Likewise, you can move framed family photos from your nightstand to the living room, and hang them on the wall, for a new statement wall.

One of the most versatile items when it comes to switching up your decor is the throw pillow. Cushion and pillow covers can be purchased at a low price point, and switched out easily within minutes. Pillows and cushions are also one of the easiest ways to incorporate new textures and patterns that are in style easily. To tie new colors and elements together, a decorational throw blanket will do the job while adding a functional and comfortable element.

Another item that is easy to switch up and makes a great impact on the feel and home interior design of a space is the bedding. A new bedspread, sheets and matching pillows can change the aesthetics of your bedroom, kids room, or guest room drastically. Whether you choose a simple color, different fabric or a trending pattern, changing the bedding in a room can give the room an entirely new feel and look. Whether you switch out your bedding in its entirety, or you only replace certain items such as pillows, duvet cover or add a throw to the foot of the bed – even switching out or adding one single item can make a difference on the room or home interior design.

Lower price-point artwork can easily be switched out frequently in order to alter the overall design of your space. Whether you use existing artwork or picture frames and move them to new spots in your home, or you purchase new art. Changing the items on your walls can have a significant impact on your home interior design, and bring a subtle fresh wind into your home.

Flowers can be a great way to add a new element to your space, and make it feel like a brand new design, without having to commit to it. Seasonal flowers are not only a great way to embrace the season or holiday, but they also double as bright and lively decor. The difference fresh flowers can make in your space is significant, and as little as placing them in your entry way or the center of the dining room table can make an impact.

The purchase of a new area rug, decorational item or any other single item can make a difference on your overall home interior design. If you have had the same items for an extended amount of time and you want to switch the feel of your home up a little bit, don’t hesitate to stop in at Brown and get professional advice on what items could refresh your space.

All in all, there are many items you can use to refresh the overall design of your home. Whether it is a cushion cover, new bedding or artwork, switching out some of your small decor and home interior design elements can make a grave impact on your home. Because of this, it is beneficial to see your trusted interior designers at Brown to choose such items with knowledge of your home and what would best compliment it. Having the desire to switch things up every now and then is completely normal, and here at Brown, we are more than happy to assist. Another opportunity to change the feel of your interior design without altering it forever, is to utilize seasonal and holiday decorations. The correct items such as flowers, wreaths, display items and seasonal throws and pillows can temporarily change the ambience in your home.

Lastly, if you have been tired of your design, and have been frequently longing for a new or different style, it may be time for a new redesign or remodel. Of course, here at Brown, we specialize in making your custom renovation dreams come true and achieve a design that will refresh your perspective on your home. What are you waiting on, switch up your home today, and enjoy every squarefoot of it in its entirety.