05.30.19 | Home Interior Design

Keeping up With This Year’s Color Trends

If you’re looking to design rooms or spaces in your home, or if you’re just an interior design enthusiast who likes to keep up on the latest home interior design styles and trends, you understand the excitement around color selections.

On its own, that may sound a little silly, but the colors you choose for your room or space serve as the foundation for the entire area. Colors help dictate what furniture and accessories will be added to the space, as they must compliment one another and the overall home interior design. Colors also set the mood of the room — not only how it looks but how it feels. Or, better yet, how you feel when you’re in it.

Colors really are a big deal. It’s why paint manufacturers have big reveals every year (or more frequently in some cases) to introduce their newest offerings.

While some colors are timeless and versatile, more often than not, the style or theme of a room or space plays a key role in determining the color and home interior design choices.

If you have any familiarity with design, whether it be interior, fashion, architectural, etc., you’re well aware that trends change. Some last longer than others, but nearly all trends will, at some point, go out of style. Keeping up can be a challenge, which is why professional home interior designers are constantly monitoring what’s in and what’s not.

Colors are trendy, too, so if you’re planning to design a space you need to do your homework. Consulting with — or hiring — an experienced and licensed interior designer is always the best way to ensure your vision is achieved, but many do opt to do it themselves. It can certainly be a fun — and tedious — task, not to mention expensive.

To be successful, you must place great emphasis on color selection. With this in mind, let’s take a look at eight of the latest color trends.

Think Pink

The color pink has become increasingly popular in recent years. In fact, you could say it rose from the ashes. The color had been all but dismissed for quite some time, yet it made a triumphant comeback.

It started out with bright pinks that really popped. However, today, we’re witnessing more toned-down pinks being used. We are not suggesting that entire rooms are being painted pink, but the color is being used for accent walls and other home interior design applications.

Tried and blue

Much like a blue blazer, the color blue can work in any interior design setting. It is also incredibly versatile.

While the available options for the color blue are seemingly limitless, the go-to these days is a medium shade. It can be both warm and bold, and can stand alone as an accent wall while also pairing well other dynamic colors.

Navy blue is also holding strong and is being used by many designers. The only concern with a color this dark is lighting. For the best appearance and experience with medium or dark blues, incorporate these colors in rooms with a lot of windows or other sources of natural light.

And all the way at the other end of the spectrum is soft blues. Lighter shades of blue with a hint of gray also deliver a sense of warmth and somehow help create a space that is both traditional and modern. These light shades are being used quite a bit in kitchen designs.

Green with envy

Dark shades of green, especially hunter or forest green, is a current favorite. The color plays extremely well against an assortment of natural tones and wood. It can also produce an elegant and sophisticated appearance when presented alongside white trim or accents.

Cream of the crop

Modern home interior design is moving toward a more minimalist look, which is opening the door for colors like cream. The true beauty of cream is that it is offered in so many different shades, allowing you to go from bold to bright while staying in the same family.

Cream also blends nicely other colors, both soft and dark, as well as with woods, metals and other accessories and materials.

It would be difficult to find a good home interior designer who doesn’t currently have cream on his or her color palette.

Step in to the outdoors

Earth tones and other colors and shades derived from the outdoors are very popular. This includes light grays and browns, inspired by wood and rock or stone, as well as greens that pay tribute to plants and other foliage.

Muted tones that resemble light woods, such as pine, ash or maple also help give your space a warm and cozy look, providing a soft — yet rustic — charm.

Paint it pewter

A dark and bold color, pewter works magnificently as an accent color in many settings, especially in rooms or spaces that feature light grays, browns or other muted tones. It is a powerful color that works well as a centerpiece, and really does a brilliant job of creating an inviting and secure feeling.

With pewter, however, if you do decide to showcase it in a room or space, it is best to somehow incorporate it — however subtly — in other areas of the home as well. This flow gives the color an even greater impact and truly brings your home’s interior design together.

Lovely lavender

Few colors evoke a sense of calm and tranquility quite like lavender. The color works equally well on the walls as it does as accent furniture, throws or other décor accessories. Lavender is an incredibly inviting color and it can absolutely transition your room or space into the relaxing retreat we all so desperately desire.

They call it mellow yellow

Light, soft shades of yellow work well regardless of the design style you’re trying to create. From farmhouse to coastal — and everything in between — make room for this beautiful color. It inspires feelings of sunshine and happiness, and can be paired with a variety of accent colors — natural wood works extremely well, too — to create a cozy and comfortable home interior design environment.