08.30.19 | Home Interior Design

Selecting Accents to Make Your Home Pop

Outside of a home remodel, there are other “hacks” a homeowner can use in order to spruce up their home and provide the illusion of a brand new addition or look. In order to do this, it’s important to pay attention to seasonal trends and simple, creative ideas that can help transform your home interior design into a completely new looking space. The following accents are a must when it comes to transforming your space. 


Screen and Room Dividers 


Screen and room dividers can turn your space into something entirely new. These often elegant pieces can help give the look of grandeur and more space by breaking up rooms into parts. A divider, when used properly, can completely transform your space without the use of the large budget or total room redesign. Home interior design experts at Brown can help you find dividers that work well with your personal space 


Stained Glass Panels 


Adding stained glass panels to your home in creative ways can give the appearance of a completely new space. By doing this, homeowners can add an air of elegance while also maintaining a new look. Stained glass panels come in different colors, and can be a great choice to add light during the Summer, or holiday flair during the Winter. Either way, these stained glass panels come in custom or premade colors. If you’re in the market for these quick home accent improvements, contact Brown today and our home interior design experts will help guide you in the right direction. 


Telescopes, Globes, and Books 


While it may sound cliche, telescopes and globes are a quick way to upgrade a space quickly. Telescopes can run anywhere from a few hundred to a few thousand dollars, and add an air of sophistication to any home interior design. Globes are a lower point and are essential to provide a sense of worldliness or elegance to a room. Spaces where telescopes and globes are added feel immediately more upscale, and can give the appearance of worldliness as well as an upscale sense of taste. Books provide the same affect, and even the least avid readers can benefit from having a few essential collections of books displaying in their homes. Having books of shelves of books in your home is a great way to upgrade the look of any room quickly. 


Plants and Fountains 


Plants and fountains are an immediate upgrade to any home interior design. If you’re in the market to make a drastic change to your indoor or outdoor space, plants and fountains are the way to go. Indoors, adding these elements reveals an entirely new aesthetic that feels crisp and new. Outdoors, these elements can add to an already lush or especially lacking space in a way that feels inviting and comforting. Water elements throughout the home also create a zen like haven where guests and family members alike will feel at home and comforted. The sounds of water trickling throughout a home can do wonders for the overall feeling of the house itself and the home interior design


Picture Frames 


Picture frames are an easy and affordable way to add an upgraded look to any interior space. Using picture frames has no limits creatively – whether it’s an ode to the family pet, or a series of photos from a particular part of history, the arranging and hanging of throughout photos can elevate a space in ways you never imagined. Picture frames can take up entire walls and even more than one wall to create a stunning moment in a room that was otherwise underwhelming. Brown can help you with these ideas. If you’re interested in adding picture frame wall designs to your home interior design, contact an expert at Brown today and let us help you transform your space with ideas. 


Pillows and Objects 


For a high return, low investment change, keep seasonal pillows and accents on hand. This will allow you to transform your home seasonally and without a vast amount of effort. For instance, in order to provide a new look to your home interior design for fall, add cream, beige and orange pillows throughout the house as well as fall accent objects, such as gold acorns and seasonal flowers that help bring the room in life in the spirit of the season – in this case, Fall. For inspiration, many homeowners turn to the experts of home interior design at Brown, but can fall back to secondary sources of inspo like Pinterest, and the Brown Mood Board tool. For questions about how to obtain a new look for each season with pillows, objects and other home accents contact the experts at Brown today. 


Candles and Soft Lighting 


For a transformative upgrade the translates day to night, candles and soft lighting at a perfect upgrade to any space. A little effort with candle placement can go a long way to creating a space that looks entirely new. At night, lighting these candles provides the soft feel of a brand new experience to any existing home interior design. In order to preserve the items for as long as possible if you are planning on using the candles “day to night” it’s important to buy large, oversized and stand alone candles that will last. Once lit, these types of candles will become carved in the middle in a way that creates the feeling of nostalgia and elegance. For a quick upgrade to any space, investing in large candles and soft lighting can go a long way. 


If you’re looking to change up the look and feel of your home interior design, or a specific space, without commiting to a redesign, these home accents can help achieve a new aesthetic quickly. When done correctly, room dividers, stained glass panels, pillows, objects, flowers, candles, globes, books and telescopes can help you elevate the feeling of any space. If you’d like specific direction with these upgrades, and would like to talk about a longer term game plan up upgrade your home interior design, contact the experts at Brown today. We are here to help you transform your space into your dream home. If you aren’t sure which route to take, we are here to help guide you through the process, step by step.