06.28.19 | Home Interior Design

The Brown Difference

Whether you’ve purchased a new home or merely decided your existing home is due for an home interior design overhaul, this is the perfect time to transform your home into your dream home. 


We all want a home that we’re proud to call our own. A home that we love being in, and that we are excited to show and share with others.


You’ve heard us talk in the past about the home interior design being a reflection of its owner. The design says a great deal about its occupants, and striking the perfect balance of style, comfort and functionality is not easy.


Deciding to design or redesign your space is the easy part. Once you’ve made that call, the real work begins. There are so many factors to consider and choices to be made.


First and foremost, you must determine if designing or redesigning your home is a task you’re capable of fulfilling on your own, or whether you need to solicit the help of a professional home interior designer. 


We would obviously never say that you must bring in an interior designer to turn your home into your dream home, but we will say that it certainly helps ensure the desired result while eliminating a tremendous amount of stress from the homeowner. After all, home interior designers are trained professionals with extensive education, knowledge and experience in all of the industry’s areas and phases.


This is incredibly important because there is so much at stake when doing a design or redesign, and having an understanding of themes, trends, color schemes, finishes, textures, décor and a litany of other design elements is crucial for creating a space that not only instills excitement and happiness, that does so as efficiently and cost-consciously as possible.


If you do decide that designing your home’s interior is a challenge you want to take on, then we wish you the best and hope you find the project to be fulfilling, fun and rewarding.


However, if you ultimately determine that partnering with an interior design firm to help deliver your dream home, please keep in mind that choosing the wrong firm can prove just as frustrating and problematic as doing it yourself. It’s just like any other profession — some are more skilled than others.


To help smoothly and successfully turn your dreams into reality, you must know what to look for in a home interior design.


As you look for a home interior designer to bring into your home, it goes without saying that you must feel comfortable and confident with the team you hire. A truly experienced, talented and successful firm should be able to show you examples of past work and be able to easily communicate with you not only about their process, but specifically about your goals and the style you’re looking to incorporate.


For more than 40 years, we have been serving the South Florida community, and while we have adapted our process over the years to accommodate for industry changes, our commitment always has been and always will be to exceed the expectations of each of our clients. 


We accomplish this by hiring the industry’s most talented designers, not only in terms of creativity and knowledge, but also in their ability to understand what our clients are looking for and putting a plan in place to achieve every goal.


This would not be possible without a process that is designed to achieve success. 


We suggest you meet with multiple home interior designers before making a selection. This is the only way to truly learn about each firm’s process and to make sure it aligns with your goals.


Here is a brief overview of our process here at Brown. We hope you find it helpful and we would certainly welcome an opportunity to discuss it further with you when the time comes to redesign your home.





The first step is an obvious one, but it also happens to be among the most important. We invite anybody looking to redesign their home, or anybody who just happens to be interested in learning more about Brown, to visit our showroom, which was recently remodeled and features industry-leading technology and resources that enable our team to better communicate with visitors, learn about their space and goals for it.


This is an informal, yet very informative, meeting but it serves as the foundation for the project and is an extremely important step toward earning trust and instilling confidence. 


Home visit

While a great deal is learned during the consultation, we strongly suggest allowing our designer to visit the home to see the space(s) first-hand, and truly capture the essence of the room or rooms that will be involved in the project.


By seeing dimensions, the home’s flow and other features, it allows our designer to better devise a plan that achieves the client’s goal.


Floor plans

Following the in-home visit, our design team will collaborate to create a floor plan of your home. This detailed rendering will include specifics about the home including dimensions, furniture placement, furniture, appliances, etc.


This gives our team a true depiction of the space and allows our designers to begin to formulate a strategy.


Explore the options

At this point, our clients are invited to return to our showroom and scour our collection of catalogs and samples to see the many different materials that are available. These applications can be used in a variety of ways including furniture, window treatments, wall coverings and other finishes.


Putting the plan into action

Now the fun begins! Our home interior design team will take your selections and the information from previous discussions and visits, and start designing your dream home. Working with the area’s premier vendors, we implement our strategy and bring your home interior design dream to life.


Making it ‘home’

Once the walls, floors, windows and other elements are done, we will introduce the furniture  to the room. This is the next major step toward turning a new space into a room, and turning rooms into a home. Your home.


Finishing touches

Now that the furniture is in place, our design team will add any accessories that are needed to bring the room together. The room is now complete and ready to be unveiled.


Welcome home

This is the final — and most exciting — step! All the pieces are in place. The strategy has been executed. The dream has been turned into reality. We hand the keys to the homeowner and allow them to enjoy their dream home.