10.18.19 | Home Interior Design

The Impact of Perfect Lighting in Your Home

When you think home interior design, you may think paint, flooring, furniture, accessories and decor. However, do you initial thoughts include natural daylight and shading? High end, quality shading can make a tremendous difference when it comes to the design, feel, functionality and most importantly – the livability of your space. A space that has harsh lighting most hours of the day can not only affect your usage of it, but also the condition of your furniture and artwork. In addition, it can be less energy efficient, hike up your electric bill depending on climate. Let’s not forget about privacy, and feeling carefree in your home, while protecting your skin from harmful UV rays. There are many factors that come into play when choosing the shades that are right for you, 

Enhancing the interior design of your home 

Shades, even though often underestimated, are impactful in the overall home interior design of your space. They can soften the lighting and space, change the mood by filtering and shaping the perfect lighting for your space, custom to your needs and desires. Aside from serving an essential function including connecting your home to its surrounding nature, windows can often be an eye-sore, and distract from impeccable home interior design. If you are not satisfied with your windows visually, but don’t want to invest in new windows, consider enhancing or concealing them with stunning shades, rather than replacing them. 

Energy efficiency

Even though it may not be immediately intuitive to some, shades play an important role in the energy efficiency of your home. High electric bills? Consider how much sunlight is beaming into your home, raising the temperature and triggering your AC to kick on. Likewise, how much heat is escaping your home, resulting in additional heating costs? Help the environment, and your wallet equally by installing the correct shades in your home. Not only will they increase your home’s energy efficiency, they can also enhance your home and home interior design in a multitude of ways.

Room temperature

Have you ever considered what grave effect the correct shades for your home could have on the desired temperature of it? Shades can help in both retaining heat and coolness in your home, resulting in a more comfortable environment. With the help of perfect shades customized to your home interior design – you won’t have to run back and forth to your heat and air conditioning panel to adjust the temperature every 15 minutes. 

Privacy and security

Unless you own a large amount of property out of sight from any soul, privacy and security are a huge factor when it comes to the decision of investing in quality shades. We all enjoy being in control of who can peek into our home, and at what times. Keeping your shades down for privacy can prevent attracting potential break-ins, and quite simply keeps your home private. With a simple touch of a button, your home interior design can be visible or invisible to the prying eyes of outsiders. 

Do you have young children and infants in your home? Whether kids or grandchildren, safety should be a priority in your home. Certain blinds can pose a great risk as the drawstring can be a potential strangulation risk. Ask one of Brown’s designers how you can eliminate drawstrings from your home and prepare yourself for safely welcoming little ones into your home. 

Like Sunscreen, but for your furniture and art

Not immediately visible to the eye, sun damage can sneak up on your furniture and art work quicker than you may think. UV rays are not just damaging to your skin, but also to your furniture. A consequence of increased or daily sunlight exposure is that your furniture and artwork will suffer and fade in color with time. Artwork can lose its vibrancy quickly, and damages may be permanent. In order to protect your furniture and artwork from the sunlight and strong UV rays, utilizing your shades to block out as much sunlight as possible when you are not in your home will protect both, and keep your home interior design vibrant for a longer period of time. 

UV protection without loss of light

Lastly, protecting yourself, your artwork, furniture and home interior design from UV rays does not mean you have to lose sight of the views of your home. With many sheer and partially sheer options the right blind will be able to filter out 98% of UV rays while leaving you with plenty of natural lighting. Protecting yourself doesn’t mean you have to miss out on the natural light in your home you fell in love with initially. 

Blinds can truly change the way you live in your home. Have you ever found yourself avoiding a certain room or space in your home due to bad lighting or uneven temperatures certain times of the day? Ge back to enjoying each and every room in your home whenever you desire to, at enjoy them with just the perfect amount of light. 

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