10.25.19 | Home Interior Design

Tips on How to Make Your Ceilings Feel Taller

If the kitchen is considered the heart of the home, the living room must be its soul, and the bedroom may be the belly. Every special gathering seems to find its focus in one of these expansive spaces. In any case, your home is where you unwind after a long day. You come together to discuss your highs and lows, readying yourselves for the possibility of a beautiful tomorrow. Sometimes, you have a great book in hand, and others, a great drink! But none of this would feel as right or as comfortable or as luxurious if your home feels cramped. If your home wasn’t blessed with high ceilings and you wish to spread out just a bit more, don’t fret! The good news is that interior designers have been faking high interiors for years. Peruse through some home interior design tips so you can practice them in your home!

Whether you’re entertaining or relaxing with your family, you spend a lot of time in most rooms within your home. You want the interior design of your home to be welcoming, comfortable, full of style and spacious from every angle. In any of the gathering spaces in your home, or even your safe haven, every room is the perfect place to showcase your design aesthetic. Every room is an ideal space for experimenting with furniture layouts, texture, color, and pattern.

Today we at Brown are sharing our favorite home interior design ideas and tips from our favorite interior designers. These rooms will turn from boxed in to bold, and oh so small to oh so extraordinary spaces that seamlessly blend elements that may not seem to go together in unique ways. These tips on how to add length to your space proves how intentional design and creativity can tell a story and breathe new and fresh life into any home.


Hang curtains as high as possible

  • Instead of lining your curtains at the top of your window frame, push them all the way rot the ceiling. Visitors eyes will be immediately drawn to the highest point on the wall, which will make your ceilings seem taller.


Choose recessed lighting

  • While a drum shade fixture or a chandelier may add a luxurious touch to any room, they can also be the culprit of making a room feel smaller and bring the ceiling height down. Flush mount light fixtures or recessed lights can enhance the length and width of any room.


Play with scale and contrast

  • You shouldn’t be afraid of selecting taller furniture (like bookshelves or display cases). As mentioned before, what you’ll want to be sure of is to keep your upholstered pieces, like chairs or sofas, in a low-profile style. This is because the goal is to create height by playing with different dimensions.


Invest in custom details

  • Make sure you add these details, like plaster molding, to your ceiling – not your floors. This, again, will draw the attention up, making your ceiling feel taller than it actually is.


Choose low-profile furniture

  • While you may be compelled to choose taller chairs when deciding upon your home interior design, pick out pieces that sit closer to the floor as low-profile furniture avoids making a room feel cramped and closed in. These lower-seated chairs physically take up less space and expands the distance between the top of your furniture and your ceiling.


Add stripes to your walls

  • Consider utilizing paint or wallpaper to create a vertical stripe pattern on the walls to enhance your home interior design. The key to making ceiling seem higher is using design tricks that draw eyes upwards and this one will quite literally guide people’s spectacles in the right direction.


Hang mirrors higher

  • Incorporating reflective surfaces into your home interior design will always make a room feel bigger, and this is exceptionally true when they’re installed a smidge higher than usual. In an instant, this adds a tremendous amount of help when you want to achieve a more expansive look.


Keep your furniture light

  • To prevent your room from feeling overwhelming or extra busy, try to stick with neutral or light shades. This doesn’t necessarily mean that you have to make your home interior design pieces all white. Add a pop of color through your accents, like your pillows and other decorative items around the house.


Utilize your fireplace or mantle

  • If your home is adorned with one of these amenities, try and make sure that the finish reaches all the way up to the ceiling. Not only will this make your room feel more spacious, but you also create a beautiful focal point.


Give your ceiling a makeover

  • This can include and not be limited to adding a pretty coat of paint or adding unexpected wallpaper that guests won’t be able to take their eyes off of. Another trick? Try using a high gloss paint as the reflection will make your ceiling seem taller.


Declutter the room

  • We at Brown cannot stress enough how important this is. A clean and organized room makes your entire space feel brighter, more airy and spacious. In order to achieve this, you can use built in shelving, floor-to-ceiling shelving, or simple, nice wicker baskets for storage solutions within your home interior design.


While these tips may seem like a lot to digest, or they seem like too much work – come visit our qualified, creative and hard working team of interior designers at Interiors by Brown. Located on Federal HWY in East Boca Raton. Brown is the premier location for personalized home interior design. We are here to help you transform and expand your space into your own, custom, upscale, dream home interior design. Once we are able to match you with your ideal home interior designer, the high ceilings of your big dreams will be closer to reach (metaphorically, that is.) Our Interior Designers at Brown take time to personalize and perfect your space to the degree of collaboration you prefer, and will showcase our carefully selected options from our wide range of samples and designers. Stop by our showroom in the heart of Boca Raton, and see us today!