11.29.19 | Home Interior Design

Top Ways To Choose and Style Your Coffee Table

Coffee tables are a versatile and functional accessory that can dress up your living room, sitting area and other areas of your home. They are not only useful for storage and resting items, but also as an accent piece and display for accessories and decor. When choosing a coffee table, design should not be the only factor to take into consideration. The coffee table you choose should match your lifestyle and preferences, as well as be safe for your family members. For example – if you like to indulge in resting your legs on a surface while relaxing in your living or family room , a pillow top coffee table or ottoman may be the most ideal choice. If you have young infants and children, corners and hard surfaces should be avoided in order to prevent injuries and accidents and surfaces should be easy to clean, as spills and messes are unavoidable. For certain spaces, a rounded table can easily complement the layout and home interior design better. Choosing the right table is not as easy as it might seem, but we have a couple of ideas that can spark inspiration for you.

Glass topped-table

If you are an avid coffee table book collector, or want to display statement decor and accessories on your coffee table – consider a glass-topped coffee table. A glass top is ideal in combination with high end interior design with minimum daily wear, as it is higher in maintenance than most other tables. Fingerprints, streaks, crumbs and dust will all be more visible on a glass-top table, which should be considered when choosing the ideal coffee table to suit your lifestyle. 

Light elements

If you enjoy subtle romantic elements of light in your home, consider placing candles, statement candlesticks or other sources of lighting on your coffee table. Perfect for a movie night, subtle elements of lighting can enhance the mood and design of your living room. 

Simplicity can be key 

Sometimes, the less the better is applicable to coffee tables and decor items topping them. If your living or family room is busy in design and nature, a simple coffee table with minimal clutter can break up the home interior design

Layers and levels

If one coffee table is not cutting it for your current space, consider layering multiple smaller coffee tables, or a multi-level coffee table. Both can add depth and make for an impressive statement piece in the midst of a simple living space. If you require storage or like to have multiple items at your disposal, a multi-level coffee table can offer storage hidden away comfortably. 

Bigger is not always better

In some cases, a large coffee table can take away from the home interior design of your space, specifically when you have limited space. If you generally don’t use your coffee table frequently enough to compromise living space for it, consider a chic side table in combination with a statement rug to balance your home interior design

Convertible comfort

If you are the more comfortable type when it comes to your living room preferences and habits, an ottoman is probably your best choice. If you are worried this cushion surface might not allow you to put down a glass or charcuterie platter, there is a simple median to accommodate both needs – a large tray. Simply place a large tray on top of your ottoman – this can hold items and decor, and can be easily removed at your disposal. 

Flowers, please

Flowers and greenery can liven up your home interior design and change to mood and aesthetic easily, without the long-term commitment. The coffee table happens to be one of the most convenient furniture items to display plants, flowers and arrangements without them getting in the way. Arrangements can instantly dress up your space and enhance your design. 

Hide away unsightly items 

Consider the right coffee table custom to match your entertainment system, TV and other electronic gadgets and consoles. If you have many electronic remotes, controllers and other accessories, consider a table or design piece on the table that will hide away unsightly but necessary items.  

Display functional items beautifully 

Do you love to cozy up on your couch with extra blankets, throws and pillows? Even though you may love these items occasionally, they may need a storage place until you decide to use them. If left on your couch and seating area, they may become an eye-sore or worn through daily use. Consider a coffee table that offers storage or compartments to fold your blankets, throws and pillows into while not in use. Not only is this extremely functional, but it also maintains a clean and uncluttered aesthetic in your living area. 

Choosing the right coffee table to match your lifestyle can be a challenging task. The right coffee table can make an immense impact on the home interior design of your space, as well as offer many convenient benefits, such as storage for those extra movie-night snacks or a wine bottle opener. 

If you need a little (or a lot of) guidance when it comes to choosing the right coffee table for your space, our team of talented interior designers at Interiors by Brown are here for you. Stop by our newly remodeled showroom in the heart of Boca Raton or give us a call to schedule a consultation and pick out the right piece for your custom space, or redo it all! Interiors by Brown has extensive experience with projects of any size.