07.03.19 | Home Interior Design

You can see it, but can you feel it?

It’s an old adage but it still holds true — there’s no place like home. 

It’s where you find true serenity. 

It’s where you create memories that will never fade, and share moments you will never forget.

Laughs, tears, hugs and, yes, probably a few arguments that you wish you could take back.

This is life, and your home is at the heart of it. 

There’s no denying the tremendous role your home plays; not only for you but for those who you share it with as well as those you open it up to. A house says a great deal about those who call it “home.”

Does your home tell your story?

What does it say? How does it feel?

To you?

To others?


Does it truly capture the essence and spirit of who you are and all that you’ve accomplished? Can you feel the love…the history…the story?


A home should elicit emotions. It should serve as a perfect compliment to its owners. Its style should be immediately recognizable as an extension of the familiar faces you’ll find there. It should provide unmatched comfort and unrivaled functionality.


This is all much easier to achieve with the assistance of a professional home interior designer. While it’s true that nobody knows your personality and the character of your home better than you, an home interior designer is able to build relationships with clients and rather quickly translate visions and traits into an action plan that will properly showcase the home — not merely as a spectacular space but as a genuine portrayal of its owners and their home interior design

What a designer is able to do is get a feel for the space and also for the homeowner. During a consultation they can discuss different objectives, styles and desires and determine the best way to incorporate that into a home’s look and feel.

This includes everything from color selections, flooring, window treatments, materials, textures, finishes, themes, accessories, furniture, lighting, and just about anything else you can imagine.

A designer is keenly aware of trends and how different pieces and elements connect with one another to achieve the desired result, which is a beautiful, comfortable and comfortable space that makes the owner feel truly at home while also serving as the envy of all who enter.

What a designer is able to do so brilliantly is create a space that you are not only excited to live in, but that you are proud to call your own. You may not admit it, but deep down, we all wants a home that others aspire to own. That shouldn’t be viewed as a sign of arrogance but as a symbol of accomplishment.

But how is that accomplished? 

Again, it comes back to understanding styles and what elements best work within that space and how they pair with other pieces to successfully execute the design strategy. Most try to make this happen on their own, with mixed results.

Let us be clear, however; to truly elevate your home and allow it to become the breathtaking space you desire and deserve, entrust it to a professional designer who has the knowledge, training, skill and experience necessary to turn such a vision into reality.

Keep in mind that if you want something that you’ve never had before, you must be willing to do something you’ve never done before.

Perhaps you’ve always done your own home interior design. Or, at the very least, decorating. Maybe it was incredible or, perhaps, it fell flat.

Maybe you have worked with an home interior designer in the past but you’re now preparing to move into a new home or the time has come for makeover, and you’re not sure if you want to see what other firms are out there.

Home interior design is obviously very important. You want your home to look and feel as good as possible, but also provide the comfort, convenience and class that you deserve.

Although we are not necessarily equating the importance of some of the following examples, hiring an home interior designer to truly make your home special is akin to going to a doctor when you’re not feeling well, or a dentist when your tooth hurts. It’s like hiring a roofer when water is pouring through your ceiling, or taking your car to a mechanic when its not running properly.

Sure, you can try to treat these ailments or make fixes on your own, but to ensure the most effective and efficient outcomes, enlist the help of a professional.

Look at it this way, if you could do it on your own, you would have done it already. You have worked too hard to settle for anything less than exceptional, and that is precisely what the right home interior designer will deliver for you and your home. At Brown, we pride ourselves on our roster of home interior designers. They are among the industry’s elite — true professionals with an eye for a style and a commitment to creative excellence.

Our designers constantly pursue perfection, while others insist it’s not possible. 

We have the resources and relationships necessary to create masterpieces that achieve our clients’ objectives and exceed their expectations. For our designers, balance is always key. We will never make a design project entirely focused on appearance. We will never focus solely on comfort. We will never focus solely on functionality.

In order for a design to serve its purpose and truly reflect the home’s owners, it must be able to fully capture each of these.

When we walk into a room, we see it. For better or worse, we are able to visually connect with a space and, if done properly, trace it back to those who call it home.

But can you feel it?

When done properly, the answer is absolutely “yes.” There are emotions and sense of feeling that perhaps can not be put into words, but can without a doubt be experienced. Doing that on your own is a daunting challenge. For an interior designer, it’s a job. For a Brown designer, its our specialty.