Home Interior Design

Greg Laurent

Showroom Manager


As part of the Brown design family for the past 20 years, Greg Laurent knows every inch of the showroom like the back of his hand. Every piece of furniture, fabric, wallpaper, rug, and light fixture. Every brand, collection, colorway, and material. Every part of the design process from start to finish. So naturally, his latest chapter here at Brown has him overseeing all of these areas as Showroom Manager. Our showroom is filled with vignettes that can help you envision your own living space. And with Greg at the helm, we’re constantly refreshing the art and accessories to bring you endless possibilities. 

Whether finding inspiration in a new destination or a timeless European fabric, or exploring creative pursuits at home from cooking to gardening, Greg is always on the hunt for ways to tap into his artistic expression. With a deep appreciation for all of the details that make a house a home, and having worked in the furniture industry even before coming on board, he’s perfectly poised to ensure that Brown brings every client’s dream to fruition.