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Jill Jones

Interior Designer

FL. License No. 0003651

Growing up in a house surrounded by fine antiques, it wasn’t until interior designer Jill Jones went to college and studied furniture history that she truly understood and relished the stories behind them. As an adult, she’s become a collector herself and loves blending classic, timeless pieces with fresh, new products and materials. Enjoying all aesthetics, it is this ability to adapt her approach from project to project that has enabled her to successfully design interiors with Brown for the past 16 years, relying on music, fashion and her travels to ignite her creativity.

Known for her ability to seamlessly weave a tapestry of colorful fabrics against accent walls that pop, Jill’s projects are all at once bold and fearless, yet laid-back and easy going. Her design philosophy is a hallmark to her childhood that was spent tagging along on her aunt’s commercial projects, browsing through fabric books and paint chips, and being moved to redecorate and rearrange her surroundings. With a keen understanding of design, Jill looks to her clients’ lifestyles and family dynamics for space planning inspiration and palette cues. For Jill, interiors represent much more than just living spaces: They tell the story of those who live in them, evoking a certain lifestyle and providing an opportunity to reflect the personal style of each client.