Home Interior Design

Jody Petiya

Director of Interior Design

Studying interior design would prove to be an all-encompassing decision for Jody Petiya. While attending college, she was surrounded by students in all areas of design and construction, laying the foundation for her ability to work with architects, landscape architects, and general contractors early on.

Through a thoughtful process of exploration and inspiration, Jody is able to evaluate the aspects of her clients’ lifestyles and wish lists, providing them with interiors that balance comfort and personal style.

Her ability to take a project seamlessly from construction through completion has garnered her the respect and trust of her clients. Her many years of experience make her uniquely qualified for both new construction and renovation and because it’s vital to her that the interior detailing and furnishings all relate to and enhance one other, her approach is all-encompassing — taking everything from the architecture to the environment into consideration when designing interiors that function perfectly for her clients.

Jody has been a licensed interior design in the state of Florida since 1982. She has a Bachelor’s degree in interior design from the University of Florida’s College of Architecture. She is a member of ASID and keeps current with the latest trends and newest products by frequenting High Point Market. Jody is interested in and passionate about healthy environments, green design, and Feng Shui. Filled with wanderlust, she travels as often as she can, so there’s no shortage of inspiration to bring back to her clients.