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Laurie Carney

Chief Financial Officer

As Chief Financial Officer for Brown, Laurie Carney wears several hats to help keep the business running as a well-oiled machine — overseeing payroll and client accounts, billing and invoices, and even human resources. She has spent the past 21 years as part of the Brown family, watching the firm grow from a furniture store to a full-service design studio. Always impressed with how the designers can take a blank space and transform it into a beautiful home, she’s amazed to see how each designer maintains his or her own distinctive aesthetic while truly reflecting the homeowners’ wishes. While she can occasionally be found flexing her own creative muscle in a Vino Van Gogh painting class with her coworkers, during her free time Laurie is most likely to be cheering on her son in baseball, tending to her orchids, or spending quality time with her family and their beloved Boston Terrier, Buttons.