Home Interior Design

Sybil Maxson

Interior Designer

FL. License No. 0002782

Ask Sybil Maxson what the most important aspect of interior design is and her answer might surprise you. It isn’t the furnishings in a home, but rather, it’s who the clients are, how they live and what they love the most that matters. A successful design concept for Sybil considers how a space is used and how it functions, and the visual result is one that fuels the senses. Through versatility, adapting to the environment, unique resources and personal relationships, she is able to give her clients their dream home — a home that represents what she calls their visual signature.

A licensed designer since 1991, Sybil has worked with Brown for more than 20 years. Her commitment to excellence is reinforced by her travels abroad, her continued education in the arts, and her involvement in the Center for Autism and Related Disorders. She has been featured in Florida Design, Palm Beach Illustrated and Boca Raton magazines, and has designed homes throughout South Florida, Philadelphia, New York and Chicago. Her most rewarding moment of a project? When her clients come back to Florida for the season, open their door, smile and proclaim: “I love my home!”