Welcome to Brown

As a group, we do so much more than simply define what a room or home should look like. We focus on far more important things. Things like how it functions, how it feels, and most of all, how it defines you. We are an interior design company built on the belief that what truly makes a space special is not just how people see it, but how they experience it. Don't just possess a beautiful space. Own it.


The Interior Design Family

At Brown, we have been motivated by a desire to better serve our clients since 1976, gracing their homes with the style, sophistication, elegance and warmth that captures the essence of those who live in them. Being a family-owned firm, we understand the value of establishing relationships with our clients, and we embrace the opportunities we have to create their dream homes.


Our Showroom

It's easy to see the beauty of a home, but it’s truly special when you can feel it. Creating that experience has been the mission for the interior design team at Brown for more than 40 years, and it also happens to be the sensation you get when entering their newly remodeled showroom.
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Create a Space That Defines You

A home is a reflection of its owners. Who they are, what they’ve achieved, the life they’ve led — a home tells a story. Check out our portfolio for examples of past stories we've had the pleasure of telling.


Create A Moodboard

Creating a Moodboard will help you to begin visualizing what you want your project to look like,
and will help us get a better feel for your style! Learn how to make one below.